Antoine Delpero (FRA) wins Huntington Beach Pro


After 3 spectacular days of competition, that saw a fiercely contested Trials event that went straight into and even more intense Main event, France’s Antoine Delpero managed to find his best form of the contest so far in the all important Final heat.
Despite being faced with the familar faces of World Champion Kai Lenny, Leco Salazar from Brazil and local wildcard Colin McPhilips from San Clemente California, Antoine dug deep to deliver an outstanding performance here at Stop 4 of the Stand Up World Tour: the Huntington Beach Pro presented by Starboard.
This has strengthened his position on the 2011 World Tour Rankings, now just a few points behind Kai Lenny. The Title Race is well and truly on!


Colin McPhilips showed that his 2nd place in France last year was not a flash in the pan, and that he was not 3 x longboard world champion for nothing, surfing smoothly and consistently all the way to the Finals. In the Final heat, he reamined relatively quiet, but found the two waves he needed to secure his 2nd position and make his presence felt on Tour. We look forward to seeing Colin at more events.

Brazil’s Leco Salazar once again put on a magnificent performance, just 0.4 behind Colin McPhilips in the FInal to finish in 3rd place. Leco’s smooth and effortless assault of the Huntington Beach lineup had the Brazilians and locals alike in awe.
With their worst results now discarded (1 discard for 4 events, 2 for 6), Leco has now jumped into second place in the Stand Up World Tour rankings, just 0.7 ahead of Antoine and not far behind Kai. There is now a France / Brazil / Hawaii race that is intensifying and the talent is through the roof.


Despite not winning the event, Kai Lenny is still standing strong in the ratings, finishing in 4th place here at Huntington. With a phenomenal display of performance riding, Kai once again demonstrated why his is World Champion and that he is certainly looking to secure his 2nd consecutive World Championship Title.

After event number 4, the rankings have shifted around a bit with one discard now awarded. The Top 10 are as follows:
1. Kai Lenny (HI)Huntington_Beach_Pro_winners
2. Leco Salazar (BRA)
3. Antoine Delpero (FR)
4. Peyo Lizarazu (FR)
5. Robin Johnston (HI)
6. Aaron Napoleon (HI)
7. Zane Schweitzer (HI)
8. Xabi Lafitte (FR)
9. Kody Kerbox (HI)
10. Sean Poynter (US)

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