ICF SUP Weltmeisterschaften in Portugal illegal

BREAKING NEWS: Das Portugiesische Sport Arbitration Gericht hat entschieden, dass nur die Portugiesische Surfing Federation das recht hat SUP Weltmeisterschaften in Portugal auszurufen.

Damit hat das Portugiesische Gericht sicherlich einen Präzedenzfall geschaffen der sich sicherlich international auswirken wird.

Wir haben die Geschichte schon recht früh verfolgt und bekamen nun eben die Meldung aus Portugal. Das ist ein wichtiger Sieg für die ISA welche seit 8 Jahren SUP Weltmeisterschaften austrägt.

Macht Euch aber keine Illusionen, viele SUP Athleten sind langsam frustriert darüber, dass es im Internationalen SUP Rennsport einfach nicht weiter geht und würden sich auch der ICF anschließen nur um das ganze Thema endlich in der Vergangenheit zu lassen.

Hier die offizielle Meldung in Englisch von FPS aus Portugal:


Portuguese Court of Arbitration for Sports determines illegality of ICF World Stand-Up Paddle Championship in Portugal

Portuguese Surfing Federation (FPS) is the only national federation with competence to organize and authorize SUP events in Portugal

At the request of the Portuguese Surfing Federation (FPS), the Portuguese Court of Arbitration for Sport decreed an injunction against the Portuguese Canoe Federation (FPC), ordering it to refrain from organizing, collaborating or giving support to the 2018 ICF Stand Up Paddling World Championship, championship scheduled for August 30 to September 2, in Viana do Castelo and Esposende, and that circumvented the laws of the sport. For João Aranha, President of FPS, “this is a decision that defends the sport, its history and the exclusive competences of our federation. I believe that it is a fundamental landmark that will help in the international dispute over the sport.”

Recognizing FPS’s exclusive competence for organizing and authorizing Stand Up Paddle events in Portugal, Portuguese Court of Arbitration for Sport confirmed that the 2018 ICF Stand Up Paddling World Championships lack prior and binding opinion from the FPS in order to be legally organized. Since this opinion was not required, and being so, it will be fundamentally rejected by the FPS, it is concluded that the 2018 ICF Stand Up Paddling World Championships are illegal under Portuguese law.

With the decision of the Portuguese Court of Arbitration for Sport, the Portuguese Canoe Federation is still prevented from seeing its technical staff take part in the event, implying the exclusion of Marcos Oliveira from the technical coordination of the event (which had been announced by ICF) and the impossibility of participation of national judges in the event. Likewise, the Portuguese Court of Arbitration for Sports determined that it is impossible for the event to benefit from public support granted by the Sports and Youth Institute or Municipal Councils of Esposende and Viana do Castelo.

According to the lawyers of 14 Sports Law, the company that represented FPS in this dispute, this decision will “surely impact on the international dispute that opposes surfing, a mode that traditionally gave rise and grow to Stand Up Paddle, to kayaking.” It will also “affirm Portugal as a state of law, confirming the exclusive protection of the FPS as recognized by the competent institutions, rejecting the organization of an event outside the applicable laws.”

The Portuguese Court of Arbitration for Sport decision can be subject to appeal, which, however, does not have suspensory effect on the ruling.