Poi Bowl SUP Race on Maui

When getting up this morning I did not think the Poi Bowl SUP Race (formerly Maui Paddleboard Championships) will be too much fun. A low pressure to the north east conveniently cut of the trade winds for a few days and no body was sure what was going to happen this Sunday. Nevertheless, I needed the workout and left he house this morning expecting 10 Miles of suffering. I figured I will participate in the race but then leisurely paddle down the coast, maybe taking some pictures and so forth. I guess many people thought the same and did not even show up for the race, but the ones who did got positively surprised.

There was a steady wind of 10 – 15kts outside of Maliko Gulch and even some white caps were spotted. There were just about 80 People in the race which is kind of low for around here.

The start was in time at 12.00 and after the horn everybody paddled right to the left out side Maliko Gluch. The start at Olukai is always already out in the open ocean and the start at the paddleIMUA was kind of a funny one where everybody was kreeping way beyond the start line. Anyway… conditions today allowed for a very tight line around the corner.

The Maliko Run turned out to be much for fun than I anticipated so my whole idea of leisure paddle was out of the door. I was chasing as many bumps I could and got actually rewarded with some very nice ones making some connections.

At the end everybody was happy and had a great laugh during lunch with some beers. What I really appreciate at this race is the many people are getting recognized. There were awards for every age group, gender and board class. Especially the kids who were in the race were super stoked.

This is my gallery:


Here are the overall results:

1 Connor Baxter USA SUP UNL M01-29 1:11:59
2 Matt Nottage Australia SUP UNL M01-29 1:14:44
3 Jeremy Riggs USA SUP UNL M30-45 1:16:36
4 Vinnicius Martins Brazil SUP UNL M01-29 1:16:47
5 James Casey Australia SUP UNL M01-29 1:16:50
6 Travis Baptiste USA SUP 14′ NR M17-29 1:17:53
7 Livio Menelau USA SUP UNL M30-45 1:17:59
8 Ryan Murphy USA SUP UNL M01-29 1:18:30
9 Lincoln Dews Australia SUP UNL M01-29 1:18:34
10 Tomoyasu Murabayashi Japan SUP UNL M30-45 1:18:52
11 Beau O Brian USA SUP UNL M30-45 1:19:55
12 Muller Franck New Caledonia SUP UNL M30-45 1:20:42
13 Armie Armstrong New Zealand SUP 14′ NR M30-45 1:22:33
14 Robert Teriitehau USA SUP UNL M46-59 1:23:03
15 Scott Trudon USA SUP UNL M46-59 1:23:42
16 Ethan Koopmans USA SUP 14′ NR M17-29 1:23:46
17 Phil Gregory Australia SUP UNL M46-59 1:24:27
18 Art Aquino USA SUP UNL M46-59 1:24:28
19 Penelope Strickland New Zealand SUP UNL F30-45 1:24:43
20 Dan Mann USA PDB UNL M30-45 1:25:10
21 Bart De Zwart Netherlands SUP 14′ NR M30-45 1:25:27
22 Amarico Pinheiro Jr. Brazil SUP UNL M30-45 1:26:28
23 Devin Blish USA SUP UNL F46-99 1:26:41
24 Buzzy Kerbox USA SUP 14′ NR M46-59 1:27:56
25 Michael Porra USA PDB UNL M46-59 1:28:22
26 Jeremy Stephenson New Zeland SUP 14′ NR M46-59 1:30:07
27 Kosuke Matsuyama Japan SUP UNL M30-45 1:30:25
28 Tim Wyers Australia SUP UNL M30-45 1:30:47
29 Kieran O’ Riordan Australia SUP UNL M30-45 1:30:57
30 Gregg Leion USA SUP UNL M46-59 1:31:12
31 Rob Walton Australia SUP UNL M30-45 1:33:29
32 Jeffrey Oltman USA SUP UNL M30-45 1:34:02
33 Anewy David New Caledonia SUP UNL M30-45 1:35:38
34 Chikara Tsumura Japan SUP UNL M60-99 1:36:29
35 Claudio Chain Brazil SUP UNL M46-59 1:36:37
36 Dale Chapman Australia SUP UNL M46-59 1:36:44
37 Randy Royse USA SUP UNL M46-59 1:37:05
38 Thomas Gallagher USA SUP 14′ NR M46-59 1:37:30
39 Lena Ribeiro Brazil SUP UNL F30-45 1:37:36
40 David Bond USA SUP UNL M46-59 1:38:22
41 Ia Wyatt Santos USA SUP UNL M30-45 1:38:57
42 Andy Fermo Australia SUP 14′ NR M30-45 1:39:03
43 Adam Cole Canada SUP 14′ NR M30-45 1:39:51
44 John Alexiou USA SUP UNL M46-59 1:40:07
45 Gail Walker Virgin Islands, U.S. SUP UNL F30-45 1:40:25
46 Claveau Benjamin New Caledonia SUP 14′ NR M30-45 1:40:28
47 Adam Quandt Virgin Islands, U.S. SUP 14′ NR M30-45 1:41:41
48 Kali’a Alexiou USA SUP 14′ NR F01-29 1:41:54
49 Evan Green Australia SUP UNL M30-45 1:42:07
50 Don Alderman USA PDB STK M46-59 1:42:24
51 Jeremy Walker Australia PDB STK M30-45 1:43:03
52 Lee McLean Australia SUP 14′ NR M30-45 1:43:59
53 Cameron Harvey Australia SUP UNL M30-45 1:45:01
54 Sempere Michelpierre New Caledonia SUP 14′ NR M46-59 1:45:30
55 Kaeo Abbey USA SUP UNL M01-29 1:45:49
56 Mike Jucker USA SUP 14′ NR M30-45 1:46:02
57 Alex Mawae USA SUP 12’6 NR M01-16 1:47:09
58 Claudio Carneiro Brazil SUP 12’6 NR M46-59 1:47:18
59 Paul Matthews Australia SUP UNL M46-59 1:47:45
60 Greg Harbottle USA SUP UNL M46-59 1:48:44
61 Dylan Alderman USA SUP 14′ NR M01-16 1:49:41
62 Siri Schubert Switzerland SUP UNL F46-99 1:51:02
63 Roberto Araujo Brazil SUP UNL M30-45 1:51:57
64 Peter Shepherd Australia SUP UNL M46-59 1:51:58
65 Lara Claydon USA SUP UNL F01-29 1:53:42
66 Geoffrey James USA SUP 14′ NR M46-59 1:53:45
67 Tomoe Yasu Japan SUP 14′ NR F46-99 1:53:59
68 Sharon Baldwin USA SUP UNL F30-45 1:54:48
69 Sam Pae USA SUP 14′ NR M46-59 1:55:31
70 Takaaki Ishii Japan SUP 12’6 NR M30-45 1:56:13
71 Jenny Alderman USA SUP 14′ NR F30-45 1:56:15
72 Lana Hardiman Australia SUP 14′ NR F01-29 1:56:16
73 Michelle Fernandes Freire USA SUP 14′ NR F30-45 1:57:30
74 Zoltan Bazso USA SUP 14′ NR M30-45 2:00:00
75 Michael Dillon USA SUP UNL M60-99 2:00:14
76 Jaecey Suda USA SUP 14′ NR F46-99 2:03:13
77 Annie Reickert USA SUP 12’6 NR F01-29 2:03:50
78 Margaret King USA SUP UNL F46-99 2:11:55
79 Shawn Tierney USA SUP UNL M46-59 2:14:59
80 Pete Martin USA SUP UNL M60-99 2:22:28
81 Susie Grace USA SUP 14′ NR F30-45 2:28:59
82 Frank Rueger Germany SUP 14′ NR M46-59 2:30:48