Downwinder Races in Hawaii


We are looking ahead to an epic 2 Weeks of Downwind Racing on Maui. In the month of July the SUP Race World is looking to Maui for its pristine Downwind conditions. The Poi Bowl SUP Race and the Maui2Molokai are two major races leading up to the Molokai2Oahu SUP Race at the end of the Month. Every weekend the distance be increased from 9.5 to 27 and then to 32 miles. We at the Stand Up Magazin will be present at each race and bring you pictures (first 2 races paddle myself) and results from the Downwind Capital of the World.


PoiBowl-SUP-Race-MauiThis SUP Downwinder  Race is one of the longest running races in the world. It all pretty much started right on Maui at this race where Downwind SUP Racing became popular. The organizers have changed in the past and so has the name but the excitement is still the same.

This weekend on July 12, 2015  Handsome Bugga Productions and Adventure Sports Maui are excited to present the 2015 POI Bowl SUP Race. One of the best downwind courses in the world for paddling.

The course 9.5 miles of open ocean on Maui’s rugged North shore beginning at Maliko Gulch and finishing at the Hawaiian Canoe Club in Kahalui Harbor.

Expect to see the best of the best SUP athletes in the world. Don’t forget to bust out your Paddles on July 12th for this prestigious world Class event!

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M2M World Cup SUP Race

Maui2Molokai-SUP-RaceJuly 18,2015 – Maui, HI – Handsome Bugga Poductions and Adventure Sports Maui Presents the 2015 World Cup SUP Race.

We will be featuring the best of the best athletes in the SUP sport that will be crossing the 27 mile Alohi / Pailolo channel known to many as the best channel and ocean wave riding in the world. This treacherous open ocean course begins at world class Honolua Bay in Maui and finishes at Kaunaka kai Harbour, Molokai.

Saddle up all your gear and aloha spirit! We’ll see you after sunrise, 9:30 Am start at Honolua bay this July 18th!

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Der Sommer heizt so richtig ein und auf Maui blasen die Passatwinde (endlich). Der Monat Juli ist DER Monat auf Maui: 2 Grosse Rennen an 2 Wochenenden mit dem grossen Abschluss; dem Molokai2Oahu. Wir sind mit dem Stand Up Magazin an allen Rennen mit dabei und Bringen 3 Wochen lang Fotos und Resultate aus Maui. Mit dabei ist auch Sonni Hönscheid, welche schon kräftig für das Molokai2Oahu trainiert.

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