Oleron Island Paddle Challenge 2014 – UPDATE

Day 2 Results and Overall


1. Zane Schweitzer
2. Beau O’Brian
3. Eric Terrien
4. Titouan Puyo
5. Leonard Nika
6. Casper Steinfath
7. Vincent Verhoeven
8. Greg Closier
9. Gaetene Sene
10. Dylan Frick
11. Aaron Rowe
12. Pete Kosinski

Top 10 Event Overall Results
1. Zane Schweitzer – (3./1.)
2. Titouan Puyo – (1./4.)
3. Eric Terrien – (2./3.)
4. Beau O’Brian – (5./2.)
5. Casper Steinfath – (4./6.)
6. Leonard Nika – (9./5.)
7. Greg Closier – (7./8.)
8. Gaetan Sene – (8./9.)
8. Vincent Verhoeven – (10./7.)
10. Dylan Frick – (6./12.)

EUROPEAN SUP TOUR Standing after 2 Events

1. Zane Schweitzer – (1./1.)
2. Tiouan Puyo – (4./2.)
3. Casper Steinfath – (2./5.)
4. Eric Terrien – (8./3.)
5. Leonard Nika – (5./6.)
6. Beau Obrian – (8./4.)
7. Jake Jensen – (3./NA)
8. Gaetan Sene – (7./8.)
9. Paul Jackson – (6./NA)
10. Dylan Frick – (10./10.)

Titouan Puyo continues his charge to take the win on Day 1 of the Oleron event

Titouan Puyo (Starboard) continues his charge today at the beautiful Island of Oleron in France by taking the win on day one of the Oleron Island Stand Up Paddle Challenge, stop number 2 of the European Cup, presented by Starboard. A relatively slow start, saw Titouan gradually build momentum through the race and then step up into overdrive over the second half of the course to take the win in one of the first true downwinders of the season.

It is clear that this young talent from New Caledonia is someone to look out for on the Stand Up World Series, as he makes his presence felt, reveling in the downwind conditions and taking down some of the sport’s biggest names here on Day 1.

Eric Terrien puts on a powerful performance on Day 1 in Oleron


It was then a battle for second, with the powerful Frenchman Eric Terrien (Bic SUP) putting on a strong performance at home in France, to take the edge over the visiting Hawaiian, Zane Schweitzer (Starboard), still on a high from his win last weekend in Bilbao.

Eric is always dangerous, especially when the going gets tough and is a great endurance paddler. While he wasn’t able to take down Titouan Puyo (Starboard), he was ecstatic to see Titouan take the win and him in second.

Zane Schweitzer excels once again at Stop #2 of the European Cup in Oleron

Zane Schweitzer (Starboard) started off really strong in today’s long distance race, and powered his way down the course, but decided to take the inside line, hoping that this would give him an advantage to be able to take the win. Unfortunately for Zane, it proved that the outside line was the one to take, and while it was a valiant battle for 2nd with Eric Terrien (Bic SUP), Zane was unable to pass the powerful Frenchman, having to settle for 3rd place.

However, when you look at his performance in Bilbao, he got a 3rd place here too on the first day, so stay tuned for tomorrow’s sprint racing to see what happens next….

Casper Steinfath puts on another impressive performance at Stop 2

Casper Steinfath (Naish) put on another solid performance today, finishing in a commendable 4th place in the long distance. Coming off an impressive 2nd place overall in Bilbao, Casper won the sprint racing, so will be looking to improve on his position tomorrow as we get underway with the World Series Sprints.

Results Men Day 1 – Longdistance
1.Titouan Puyo – 1:20:42
2.Eric Terrien – 1:21:27
3.Zane Schweitzer – 1:21:31
4.Casper Steinfath – 1:21:41
5.Beau O’Brian – 1:22:16
6.Dylan Frick – 1:22:54
7.Greg Closier – 1:23:52
8.Gaetene Sene – 1:24:00
9.Leonard Nika – 1:25:14
10.Vincent Verhoeven – 1:26:27

Results Women Day 1 – Longdistance
1. Cécile Gondre (1:48:52)
2. Valerie Vitry (1:49:51)

Video Higlights Day 1