EUROSUPA Adriatic Crown Marotta Italy




Is this the next big race in Europe? There is a good chance for it. This is the official announcement from the organizers:

Eurosupa-Adriatic-Crown-2014„The event “Adriatic Crown” – Eurosupa 2014 is expecting to bring about 100/120 professional and more than 200 non-professional athletes from all over Europe which, for the region Marche and Italy, announces to be an absolutely unique, very interesting and exiting two day competition.

The race will take place in Marotta and is part of a European and a Worldwide championship of great relevance, consequently it represents an appealing opportunity to promote tourism and our territory.

Windsurf Center Marotta (WCM) would like to take advantage of this important appointment by encouraging and supporting the involvement of the leading brands and operators around through the propaganda of social and cultural initiatives, hospitality and typical products of the local culture and tradition.

The tourism operator’s of Marotta also known as the “Riviera delle Lanterne” ‘s (the Lantern Riviera) are summoned up to submit their hospitality packages (length and type of holiday/stay)through the website and the official contacts.

The ceramic trophies chosen as awards, are creations of our finest tradition and the gastronomic choice will be prepared by a competent local Association that can claim long –standing experience, competence and most of all, quality.

Together with the Town Council, a welcome kit will be distributed containing pamphlets regarding touristic information about our territory and about guided tours to the art exhibit “la Grazia e la Luce” (grace and light) ”from Perugino to Guercino”, a key event of the upcoming cultural season in Senigallia.

“WCM”’s main commitment is that this event turns out to be an excellent example of territorial efficiency and hospitality seizing the opportunity to highlight the unique and incomparable traits of our territory, of our people, culture, environment, art, food and wine.“

So if you still have an opening in your buys SUP-Summer schedule, this one is going to be a good one.

Stay tuned on Stand Up for more infos.


Friday 11th July
16.00 – 19.30 – Registration at Piazza Kennedy
C. Colombo 74
20.30 – Welcome Ceremony and Dinner

Saturday 12th July
9.30 – 10.00 – Briefing and Start SUP Race 14km
12.30 – Lunch
16.30 – Free trial (assume people can test boards)
19.00 – Party with DJ Holly

Sunday 13th July
9.30 – Registration SUP Race
10.00 – Start
13.00 – Lunch and Awards – Beach Games
16.30 – Free trial (assume people can test boards) and Happy hour.

Registration right here:


Wer denkt der SUP-Rennkalender für den Sommer 2014 ist schon komplett der hat sich geirrt. Eben kam diese Meldung bei uns rein:

EUROSUPA Adriatic Crown 2014
11. – 13. Juli 2013 Marotta Italien

Eurosupa-Adriatic-Crown-2014Der Veranstalter erwartet 100 – 120 professionelle SUP-Athleten und über 200 Amateur Paddler aus ganz Europa. Der Event soll 2 Tage dauern und sich in seiner Einzigartigkeit von den anderen SUP-Events unterscheiden.

Veranstaltet wird das ganze vom Windsurf Center Marotta (WCM) und der Event wird von der EUROSUPA mit fünf Sternen ausgezeichnet, dazu werden Preisgelder in der höhe von EUR 7000.- ausgeschüttet.

Dazu sollen die Teilnehmer mit Köstlichkeiten der Lokalen Küche verwöhnt werden und die Keramiktrophäen sollen die Einheimische Kultur wiederspiegeln.

So oder so, wer Anfang Juli noch frei ist sollte sich diesen Event anschauen gehen oder besser noch selber mitpaddeln.



Freitag 11. Juli
16.00 – 19.30 – Registration am Piazza Kennedy
C. Colombo 74
20.30 – Welcome Ceremony und Abendessen

Samstag 12. Juli
9.30 – 10.00 – Briefing und Start SUP Race 14km
12.30 – Mittagessen
16.30 – Board Tests
19.00 – Party mit DJ Holly

Sunday 13th July
9.30 – Einschreiben SUP Race
10.00 – Start
13.00 – Mittagessen und Awards – Beach Games
16.30 – Board Tests und Happy Hour

Wir halten Euch auf dem Laufenden.

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