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eurosupa-logoDie EuroSUPA rekapituliert das Jahr 2013 und veröffentlicht alle Resultate und interessante Fakten zum SUP-Jahr 2013 in Europa. Leider wird es laut dem Statement der EuroSUPA in 2014 keine EuroSUPA Rennen geben, da man sich neu organisieren möchte. Insider wissen, dass Eric Terrien die treibende Kraft hinter der EuroSUP ist und sich nun in der SUPAA engagiert. Wir können davon ausgehen, dass die Pause der EuroSUPA in 2014 mit Eric Terriens arbeit auf internationaler Ebene zu tun hat. Gratulation an Peter Bartl und Melanie Brandstätter – EuroSUPA top Paddler Longdistance 2013!

We just received the latest statement from the EuroSUPA and a recap of 2013 with all the top results. The EuroSUPA also announces that they will not sanction any races in 2014 as they are taking a step back to observe the developent in the sport. Insiders know that Eric Terrien is the driving force behind the EuroSUPA and we may assume that his postition in the newly founded SUPAA could be a reason behind the EuroSUPA taking a break for 2014.

EuroSUPA statement:

Here are the final 2013 EuroSUPA ranking in Long Distance Men and Women, Beach Race Men and Women, as well as the results of the 2013 EuroSUPA SUP Surfing Contest (Somo, Spain, October 19-20 2013) . This year the 11 City Tour was also in our calendar as a Special event, we invite you to check for full stories and results.
There have been a total of 12 Beach Races and 10 Long Distances counting for this year’s ranking. The rankings are calculated based on your top3 best results.

Here are some facts :
Total Men in Beach Race rankings : 193
Total Men in Long Distance rankings : 203
Total Women in Beach Race rankings : 39
Total Women in Long Distance Rankings : 34
The races took place in 6 different countries : Austria, Belgium, France, Holland, Italy, Spain

Top 3 Athleten der EuroSUPA in 2013:
Top EuroSUPA Athletes :
Beach Race Men : Leo Nika (ITA), Giordano Capparella (ITA), Fabrizio Gasbarro (ITA)
Beach Race Women : Silvia Meccuchi (ITA), Olivia Piana (FRA), Celine Guesdon (FRA)
Long Distance Men : Peter Bartl (AUT), Eric Terrien (FRA), Chase Kosterlitz (USA)
Long Distance Women : Melani Brandstadter (AUT), Cecile Gondre (FRA), Sonni Honscheid (GER)

Top EuroSUPA Athleten im Beachrace nach Ländern:
Top EuroSUPA Athletes Beach Race (Man, Woman) per European country :
Austria : Peter Bartl, Melani Brandstadter
Czech Republic : Branislav Sramek, N/A
Denmark : Casper Steinfath, N/A
France : Gabriel Bachelet, Olivia Piana
Germany : Moritz Mauch, Anja Schilling
Holland : Bart De Zwart, Carla Schella
Italy : Fabrizio Gasbarro, Silvia Meccuchi
Slovenia : N/A, Manca Notar
Spain : Belar Diaz, Laura Quetglas
Switzerland : Sebastien Pasche, Susanne Lier
UK : Pete Holiday, N/A

Top EuroSUPA Athleten im Long Distance nach Ländern:
Top EuroSUPA Athletes Long Distance (Man, Woman) per European country :
Austria : Peter Bartl, Melanie Brandstadter
Czech Republic : Branislav Sramek, N/A
Denmark : Casper Steinfath, N/A
France : Eric Terrien, Cecile Gondres
Germany : Stefan Stiefenhöfer, Sonni Honscheid
Holland : Ricardo Havershmidt, N/A
Hungary : Endre Virag, N/A
Italy : Fabrizio Gasbarro, Cecilia Pescatori
Poland : Marcin Hokusz, N/A
Slovenia : Rok Puvar, Manca Notar
Spain : Roman Frejo, Laura Quetglas
Switzerland : Jean Luc Malfroid, Susanne Lier
UK : Pete Holiday, N/A

Sieger (Damen und Herren)
Race Winners (Man, Woman)
Beach Races :

Howzit Cold Water Race (France, 1star) : Greg Closier, Cecile Gondres
North Point SUP Classic (France, 1star) : Arthur Daniel, Caroline Angibaud
Battle of the Coast (Holland, 1star) : Bart de Zwart, Silvia Mecucci
SUP Race CUP (France, 4stars) : Connor Baxter, Angela Jackson
Deep SUP Race Noja (Spain, 2stars) : Chase Kosterlitz, Laura Quetglas
Massilia SUP Race (France, 3stars) : Gabriel Bachelet, Celine Guesdon
SUP Cup Beach Race San Cataldo (Italy, 3stars) : Leo Nika, Silvia Mecucci
Italia Surf Expo (Italy, 4stars) : Leo Nika, Cecilia Pescatori
Beach Race Escuela Cantabra de SUP Somo (Spain, 2stars) : Coque Araujo, Laura Quetglas
Wolder Beach Race Suances (Spain, 2stars) : Oscar Ruiz, Laura Quetglas
Ventotene SUP Trophy (Italy, Beach Race 2stars) : Leo Nika, Roberta Mariani
Windfestival (Italy, Beach Race 3stars) : Giordanno Capparella, Erika Barausse
Long Distance Races :

Jade Paddle Race (France, 3stars 12’6) : Eric Terrrien, Cecile Gondres
Port Adriano (Spain, 4stars 12’6) : Roman Frejo, Sonni Honscheid
SUP Race CUP (France, 3stars 12’6) : Travis Grant, Celine Gueston
Lost Mills (Germany, 6stars 14′) : Eric Terrien, Sonni Honscheid
Bikingo Eguna (Spain, 3stars 12’6) : Roman Frejo, Laura Quetglas
Deep SUP Race Noja (Spain, 2stars 12’6) : Chase Kosterlitz, Laura Quetglas
Namur International SUP Race (Belgium, 5stars 14′) : Peter Bartl, Olivia Piana
Wolder SUP Race Suances (Spain, 1star 12’6) : Oscar Ruiz, Laura Quetglas
SUP ÖM Austria (Austria, 4stars 14′) : Peter Bartl, Melani Brandstadter
Ventotene SUP Trophy (Italy, 4stars 12’6) : Leo Nika, Roberta Mariani

Die meisten Siege:
Athletes with the most victories :
Laura Quetglas (Spain) : 6 victories
Leo Nika (Italy) : 4 victories

EuroSUPA SUP Surf contest sieger:
EuroSUPA SUP Surf Contest Winners  :
Men : Tino Aja (Spain)
Women : Iballa Moreno (Spain)
Juniors : Pierre Girardeau (France)


„We could say a lot about this season. Beside a terrible weather on some of the biggest events (a challenge for riders and organizers !), 2013 have been a very successful year for SUP Racing in Europe. Talking not only about EuroSUPA, but about all the SUP racing scene in Europe, it is easy to observe a huge growth on number of events, number of athletes and the competition is stronger and stronger.
We have also observed how the young athletes, under 20 year old, are starting to take over what was the 1st generation of paddlers that are now well over 30 years of age for most of them.
And most importantly, we have observed that all riders are still having as much fun as always. It is really enjoyable to see in the events the mix of paddlers of all ages and all skills, from beginner to pro, sharing experiences and having a good time. This is what every SUP event should be about.

As for 2014, on the SUP Racing side, we have decided that we will not sanction any races this year. We started EuroSUPA in 2009 to boost SUP (starting with SUP Racing) in Europe, and nowadays it is growing so fast that we feel the need to take a break and observe instead of trying to steer the sport in a direction that we are not sure that is the correct one.
There are big organizations that are working hard on trying to promote and organize the sport, such as the new created SUPAA (SUP Athlete Association, international) and the Waterman League through the World Series and World Challenges , both working hard to create an international tour of events that makes sense for all the actors of SUP, as well as all the national and regional associations also doing a great job to grow the sport and allow more and more people to try, practice or compete in SUP.
We know that there a place for EuroSUPA but we also know that the sport is young and there is no hurry. So we will use 2014 to observe and identify better what does the sport that is our passion need to keep growing on healthy basis in the European countries.


Wie bereits oben erwäht hat die EuroSUPA entschieden in 2014 keine Rennen zu unterstützen. Die EuroSUPA wurde in 2009 gegründet um den Sport in Europa voran zu bringen. Mittlerweile wächst der Sport so schnell, das man eine Pause einlegen will um die Entwicklungen im Sport zu beobachten anstatt den Sport in eine Richtung zu bringen wo man nicht sicher ist ob es die Richtige ist. Die neu geründete SUPAA (Internationale Gemeinschaft von SUP Athleten und die Waterman League arbeiten gemeinsam an einer internationalen Tour nach einheitlichen Regeln. Die EuroSUPA wird ihren Platz im Sport behalten, der Sport ist aber noch sehr jung und man will nichts überstürzen. So das Statement aus dem Englischen.