StandUp World Tour – La Torche 2013

La Torche Pro becomes climatic Final chapter for 2013


The La Torche pro france presented by Naish and XXIX will get underway this weekend as the world’s best gather for what will now be the final stop of the 2013 season and as a result the decider for the World championship crown for both men and women. With athletes‘ best 3 results out of the 4 events in 2013 counting towards their overall ranking, the pressure will be on, as it all comes to the wire in La Torche, Brittany.

While the withdrawal of Location X from the 2013 Calendar was a disappointment, it has been confirmed for 2014 and we will be announcing the location early in 2014. The winter break now provides the athletes with a proper ‚off season‘ to train (freeing up the holidays) before it all starts again in Sunset from the 8th – 16th February.

Men’s Title Race scenarios intensify coming into the Finals

SUP-Surfer-sunset-bach-by-watermanleagueGo to for a full breakdown of the title scenarios. By way of a brief summary, in the men, while 3rd through 8th are all right on top of each other, the main battle will be between Kai Lenny (Naish) and Caio Vaz (Art in Surf), with Kai in the lead with 2 firsts and a 5th and Caio in 2nd, with 2 seconds and a 9th.

WIth both their worst results being discarded after this final event, their performance here in France will be paramount, as we will see whether the World TItle will stay in Brazil (where the Title would be passed from Leco Salazar to Caio Vaz) or go back to Hawaii with 2x World Champion Kai Lenny. They will start at opposite ends of the draw, so technically should not meet until the FInal if they both make it through. One thing is for sure, it will be a battle to the end, as the Titans go head to head for the Title.

Women’s Title Race equally as intense coming into finals


In the women, the competition is intense, like it is in the men, but the main battle for the Title here in France will be between current Ratings leader Nicole Pacelli and Candice Appleby, with Nicole holding a 1st and a 2nd as her best two and Candice, two 2nds. Candice’s discard will be Brazil, an event she missed through injury, so she will want to make it a win here in France to be able to claim the Title.

Meanwhile Nicole has a back up of a 5th, and the last time the two met in Hawaii, Nicole came out on top, but in California, we saw Candice make the final and Nicole go out in the quarters. So it is all to play for, as all the world’s best will be in attendance, which coupled with the local talent promises to create some intense competition.

We will be broadcasting live from this climactic event of the 2013 season, although we would like to forewarn that the internet connection in the area is quite restrictive, meaning that we do not have the control we would like over the quality of the broadcast. However, we will make sure to bring you the action live, together for daily highlights, recaps and galleries from history in the making at the final stop of the 2013 Season. Stay tuned to