Molokai2Oahu live ticker

Via Mobile- July 27 .00 – weather sunny – wind 15 – 20 knots waiting for Boards to arrive then light training .

12.00 – Lunch and siesta – video und Foto shooting with ocean paddler TV

14.00 – Einschreiben “Meet and greet”

21.00 – Good day today lots of pictures (follow on Facebook and Instagram #molokai2oahu) Wind forecast 20kt east, Hurricane Flossie won’t effect the race. Some escort boats had problem. Danny Ching I had problems with his hope its fixed now. Sonni and Eric are ready to race. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for pictures #m2o and #standupmagazin

Sunday, July 28 6.15 – rain last night , no wind right now, forecast 20KT north east – storm watch in effect for all of Hawaii due to tropical storm Flossie

6:45am, sunny skies, wind – zero to 5, Sonni on the beach and Eris is on his way with his board -All boats are ready

7:05am Ready to embark media boat, Danny Ching’s escort boat got replaced

7:28am prone paddlers lined up at the start, official race ready and waiting for horns to blow, SUP start in 30 minutes

8am, Conner Baxter takes South route and is in front of the pack. Sonni in the middle of the pack. Entire flotilla is on the way to Oahu. Follow on Facebook for picture updates

8:30am Found Danny’s yellow board, he’s on the south end and possibly in 3rd place

11:32am Kai Lenny and Conner Baxter in the lead of the pack followed by Kaeo Abbey – but the race is far from decided

12:50 racers are arriving now and results to be posted soon – stay tuned…

5.30pm: Great race, SUP History was written today. Sonni Honscheid is on the 3rd place and Eric Terrien finished on the 8th position. Congratulations! The finish could have not been more suprising with Travis Grant winning more than 10 minutes ahead. Connor Baxter and Kai Lenny took a far south rout anticipating the the current going north wich it did, but a more notherly route seemed to be better as the tradewinds were blowing more from the north east than the usual east. So the battle of Kai and Connor was not for the win but surprisingly over the 3rd and 4th place. Scott Gamble from Honolulu came in 2nd just 10 minutes behind Travis Grant, then shortly after Kai and Conner right behind each other. Unfortunately Danny Ching had to pull out of the race due to shoulder problems.

The results in for the women was as surpring as they were for the men. It was the aussie dark horse Terrene Black that won the race with a time of 5:40:40 followed by Jenny Kalmbach. The big sensation of the day was Germanys Sonny Honscheid coming in on the 3rd place defeating the “Queen of Downwind” by just a few seconds putting her on the 4th place. This is Sonnis first Solo Molokai2Oahu and she is the first german paddler to compete in this race writting German SUP-History. We are off now to the awards ceremony. Enjoy the pictures from the media boat on instagram be sure to follow @molokai2oahu @mike_jucker Tags: #molokai2oahu #standupmagazin

Monday July 29th 10.30am: The awards were great and every one had a great time, but we were also happy when it was time for bed after a long day in the sun. Lucky I got out of Honolulu before our little airport in Kapalua got closed due to the approaching storm. Now it is time for post production and sort out all the pictures. The gallery will go online as soon as possible. A big after story about Sonni and her amazing performance as the fist German to ever compete in this race will be printed in the fall issue coming this October.


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