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Bilbao World SUP Challenge 2014


Next weekend is the start to the second edition of the Bilbao World SUP Challenge which is also the first stop of the EUROPEAN SUP CUP by the watermen league. At this time we are not sure who is confirmed to be in the race but expected are all the top European paddlers. If the last years winner Connor Baxter and Annabel Anderson will be in Bilboa is not entirely clear right now.

Here is the offcial statement of the organiers:

The Estuary of Bilbao will once again become the stage for the IBERDROLA BILBAO WORLD SUP CHALLENGE, a competition that in 2013 established itself as a worldwide destination in Stand Up Paddle (SUP) races. The last edition broke all attendance records of the Waterman League, reaching 110 participants from 15 different nationalities, both professionals and amateurs. It is the first such event held at the state level and the second at the European level, turning Stand Up Paddle into one of the emerging sports in the Basque population.

The IBERDROLA BILBAO WORLD SUP CHALLENGE managed to turn the Estuary into the best confirmation of the revitalization of its waters and promote the brand of Bilbao as an international name for Stand Up Paddle.

This year the competition is back even stronger on the 6th, 7th and 8th of June, to establish itself as a landmark event among fans of SUP, and to distribute up to $20,000 in prizes among the finalists.

Besides the competition, there will be parallel activities, workshops, concerts and free “SUP Clinics” for all attendees, at the Uribitarte dock.

With the support of BWATERS, a local club that promotes SUP in Bilbao, this competition is possible, once again, thanks to the support of the City Hall of Bilbao and the unconditional commitment of Iberdrola, together with the Provincial Council of Bizkaia and the Basque Government.

For those who want to enroll in the new competition, the organization has opened its registration on their website ( and will keep fans informed through their Facebook profile: Bilbao WORLD SUP Challenge.

01.00 pm to 03.00 pm:

Registration confirmation for PRO
* The AMATEUR DIVISION riders can confirm their registration too.
– Gauge Control (the size of the boards).
03.00 pm”Welcome Briefing” for PRO DIVISION COMPETITORS – Press conference.

Presentation of the week-end:Competitor’s introduction to the journalists – photo shoot, itv, and “action” with exhibition competition hereinafter.
03.30 pm “FUN RACE” Stand Up Paddle race/competition exhibition ( SPRINT RACE on a short course close to the IBERDROLA BILBAO WORLD SUP CHALLENGE “Village”. Journalis, special guests…
04:30 pm to 05:30 pm Departure for recognition, technical briefing and to discover the river ( different areas and types of courses, boyes position, currents..) “BILBOATS” (trip by boat along the river…).ONLY PRO DIVISION
07.30 pm Official Opening Ceremony IBERDROLA TOWER. ONLY PRO DIVISION

08.30 am to 09.30 am Registration confirmation for AMATEUR DIVISION.
10.00 am AMATEUR DIVISION competitors overall briefing
10.30 am to 14.00 “SPRINT RACE”- First rounds. Elimination race (by heats..). Sprint races on short distance course. URIBITARTE. Alternatively MEN AMATEUR, WOMAN AMATEUR, MEN PRO, WOMEN PRO, NA KAMA KAI…
02.00 pm to 04.00 pm Other on site activities.

– SUP clinics – Games – Etc.
– Na Kama Kai Youth Race.
– Family relays.

04.00 pm to 6.30 pm SPRINT RACE – Final rounds (1/4,1/2 and Finals) -Alternatively MEN AMATEUR, WOMEN AMATEUR, MEN PRO, WOMEN PRO, NA KAMA KAI..

08.30 pm Official Party, The Fakeband & The Great Barrier in concert.


10.00 am COMPETITORS Briefing for PRO and AMATEUR DIVISION. LONG DISTANCE RACE instructions.
10.30 am Official Photo shoot for PRO and AMATEUR DIVISION, Staff, etc. (groups, portraits, teams, …).
11.00 am Launching the boards in the river for going to the starting area.
02.00 pm Official Prize Giving.

Am Freitag geht es in die erste Runde des vor kurzem ausgerufenen EUROPEAN SUP Cup der waterman league. In Bilbao wartet Tour Stopp Nummer Eins mit der IBERDROLA BILBAO WORLD SUP CHALLENGE.

Somit ist das Rennen kein offizieller Tour Stopp der Stand Up World Series sondern ein World Challenger Rennen. (siehe auch unseren Artikel dazu). Auf jeden Fall werden alle die Rang und Namen haben in Bilboa erwartet . Es gibt zwar noch keine offizielle Teilnehmerliste, sicher ist aber, das Casper Steinfath, Sonni Höndscheid und viele Weitere mit dabei sind. Ob die Vorjahres Sieger, Connor Baxter und Annabel Anderson in Spanien mitpaddeln werden ist aber noch nicht ich klar.

Das Eventprogram ist aber schon auf sicher:

Freitag 6. Juni

13.00 – 15.00 Uhr
Einschreiben PRO Klasse und Amateure
Material check

15.00 Uhr: Welcome und Pressekonferenz
15.30 Uhr: Fun Race
16.30 – 17.30 Uhr: Streckenbesichtigung
19.30 Uhr: Offizielle Eröffnungsparty

Samstag 7. Juni

8.30 – 9.30 Uhr: Einschreiben Amateure
10.00 Uhr: Amateure Briefing
10.30 – 14.00 Uhr: Sprint Races
14.00 – 16.00 Uhr: Ramenprogramm – SUP Clinics, Familien Stafette, Na Kama Kai Kinder Rennen.
16.00 – 18.30 Uhr: PRO Sprint Race
20.30 Uhr: Party mit Band

Sonntag 8. Juni

10.00 Uhr: Briefing Logdistance Race – Amateure und Pros.
10.30 Uhr: Fotoshooting
11.00 Uhr: Bereit für den Start, Paddler begeben sich ins Wasser
11.30 Uhr: Start Longdistance Race
14.00 Uhr: Preisverleihung

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