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Battle of the Paddle Skandal Connor Baxter nimmt Stellung

Hier haben wirs. Die Welt spricht von Kai-Connor Vorfall. Wir alle haben es gesehen: Das Foul von Connor und dann die grobe Reaktion von Kai. Wo war der Schiedsrichter? Die Organisatoren und die Schiedsrichter haben bewusst mit beiden Augen weggeschaut. Connor war am Sonntag extrem “pissed off” und von Kai haben wir bis jetzt noch nichts gehört. Auch die Organisatoren haben noch kein Wort gesagt.

Das im Sport gefoult und manchmal auch unfair gespielt wird ist nichts neues, das wird es immer geben. Die Organisatoren haben vor den Rennen immer stark betont, dass unfaires Verhalten mit eine sofortigen Disqualifikation geahndet wird. Das wurde stark betont. Gemacht haben sie aber nichts und somit Jake Jensen und Danny Ching um den Ersten resp. den Zweiten Platz betrogen. Egal wer das Foul begeht, eine rote Karte ist eine rote Karte auch wenn es sich ums Stars im Sport handelt. Die Jungs hätten sofort aus dem Rennen genommen werden müssen, auch nur darum um dem Rest zu zeigen wo die Grenzen sind.

Mein Statement auf Anfrage der SUPAA:

“My personal and professional opinion is that the organizers 100% failed to enforce their own rules. I particularly noticed their several strong announcements on how bad sportsman ship is not tolerated. Their announcement said that bad behavior will be punished with a sudden DQ from the entire event —> Immediately. I remember that particularly because I was surprised how strong their statement was and how serious they seemed to be about this.

Kai and Connor should have been DQ’d on the spot. PERIOD!

My speculation is that they did not do that is because they were afraid to DQ the biggest names in the sport. They were afraid it would hurt the BoP all together and maybe even they felt these two guys are sort of untouchable. —> My speculation.

Anyone who watches sports knows that the biggest names are the most watched, see all the scandals out of the NFL, doping in Baseball and the World Soccer Cup, if Ronaldino is not playing by the rules he is getting a red card and sent off the field. Sometimes soccer players have to pay fines and are not allowed to play in the next game.

After all I think the biggest hit on their image is taking the BoP themselves. We see foul play in all sports that’s part of the competition, but if the organizers don’t enforce the rules, people are quick to say they are playing favors or the referee is fixing the game.

How to rectify this?

Hard to say. The can either do nothing and in 2 month it will be water under the bridge and will be in peoples memory as the 1. Large scandal in the sport. Or they can step forward and do what they should have done on Saturday and Sunday: DQ both. Jake is the winner. Pricemoney is paid accordingly. The longer they wait the worse it will look, in fact I think they are even to late now. They should have backtracked on Monday no later than Tuesday. The damage is done.”

Nun hat Connor in einem Interview einen pro-aktiven Schritt gewagt und zugegeben, dass er und Kai zuweit gegangen sind.

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