Hot Wings Maui Interview and Review

The HOT WING is ready for the world.

Fly free with our incredible new HOT WING this summer. Finely balanced with amazing upwind ability, you will enjoy a silent ride with power, speed, and all the performance you would expect from HOT.


Drawing on 41 years of sail making experience, Jeffrey Henderson has refined every detail to ensure the finest quality in construction. We use all Japanese and German woven fabrics and a new “Project 85” ultralight UHMWPE lamimate in the strut. Exclusive to Hot Wings is the new GlamLam triple laminate leech panel. This low-stretch material protects the canopy from heavy loading and abrasion abuse. The GlamLam edge with unbreakable, lightweight EVA mini battens guarantees a clean and quiet exit for the wind. 

Exclusive tendon-style handle bases are designed to have slight side-to-side flex and zero fore/aft movement for maximum forward pull. Handles are wrapped with EVA with PE chafe grid. Lightweight and fully DIY serviceable.

We chose two separate inflation/deflation points, eliminating known leak areas. Deflation is amazingly fast. We utilize Halkey/Roberts style valves often used on inflatable SUP boards that are incredibly durable and easy to manage.

The HOT WING design has a modern tight canopy with a draft point midway forward for an elegant feel in light to moderate winds while delivering a serious boost when fully wound up. Expect the HOT WING to fly from the front handle effortlessly.


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HOT WINGS Tech. Info


  • All Japanese/German woven polyester
  • Dimension Polyant Project 85 UHMWPE strut
  • TPU/Kevlar/TPU Air-Amid, UV strut shield
  • 2 chamber inflation
  • Unbreakable EVA minibattens
  • Tendon style handle mounts
  • 45cm lighweight fully wrapped handles
  • GlamLam® trailing edge for canopy protection
  • Halkey-Roberts inflation/deflation valves
  • Easy access backpack storage


4.02.445.373251752 x 45cm
5.02.675.873451952 x 45cm
6.02.936.453662212 x 45cm x 45cm