Vayu presents the all new Aura Two

Epic sessions are calling louder than ever. The all new Aura 2 is the pinnacle of Vayu wing design. This versatile wing excels in any conditions, whether you’re tackling waves or or just freeriding. We’ve carefully crafted the Aura 2, drawing upon the best features from every wing we’ve ever designed, to create a masterpiece that pushes the boundaries and takes your wingfoiling experience to new heights.
Crafted with durability and lightweight in mind, the Aura 2 includes the innovative KPE 165 fabric on the leading edge´s front section to increase the stiffness. The use of premium materials ensures longevity and provides peace of mind, so you can focus solely on your skills and chasing those exhilarating moments on the water.


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Flex WingTips

he wingtip of the Aura 2 is significantly slimmer. It therefore has less mass, which has a positive effect on handling and balance. In addition, this design provides some flex, which brings advantages when pumping and improves comfort, for example, in gusty conditions.

Leading Edge stiffness

Aura II LE Differential Dihedral Tube Geometry

The Dihedral is blended with a flatter center and increased upward sweep at the wingtips for a more powerful center profile and improved efficiency at the wingtips.

The entire LE has been re-designed to provide maximum stiffness and stability under load. The center sections are made of lower stretch KPE165 Dacron with a slightly higher LE diameter for a wider sweetspot and easy handling.

The LE geometry is variably tapered on the upper and lower side for a straighter upper and triangulated lower tube profile reducing folding at the middlestrut.

3 x Grip System

Soft handles – rigid handles – carbon boom (optional)

The Aura 2 features our rider-friendly handle system design that facilitates quick and easy setup. Whether you seek the lightest setup with soft-handles or the most direct experience with the hard-handles or the new Carbon Boom. You will get on the water in no time and make the most of every minute you spend out there. We’ve thought of everything so that you can focus on what truly matters – an unforgettable experience.

New Innovations

  • FlexWingTips for better handling, balance and comfort.
  • High-precision direct handling.
  • 3 grip system: Soft handles Carbon handles Carbon Boom (optional)
  • KPE165 High Resistant Dacron.
  • New Bungee Leash.
  • X-Ply Windows Lighter, stiffer, no deforming in cold/warm weather.
  • Forward profile for faster acceleration and pitch stability.
  • Ultra light and thinner wingtips.
  • Premium Teijin R2 ridstop canopy.
  • Improved drift stability for effortless surfing and downwind.

“I’ve ridden countless wings, but the Aura 2 takes the thrill to an entirely new level. What sets the Aura 2 apart is the culmination of Vayu’s expertise, a wing that’s born from the best features of their previous designs. I demand precision, control, and a wing that becomes an extension of my riding style. The Aura 2 delivers all that and more. It’s not just a wing; it’s a catalyst for elevating your riding experience. Get ready to ride the future!”

“Mister Bennetts”

Sizes and colors

  • 2.5m2
  • 3.0m2
  • 3.5m2
  • 4.0m2
  • 4.5m2
  • 5.0m2
  • 6.0m2

The Aura 2 vs The VVing V3

The Aura 2 has a higher aspect outline with a longer wingspan and shorter wingtips. A key Aura 2 feature is curved, more resilient wingtips while the V3 has more rigid, longer straight wingtips with more sweep and a slightly longer middle strut. Aura 2 has a flatter centre section with progressive dihedral while V3 has constant dihedral from the centre to the tips. Total elevation at the wingtips is the same for both models to avoid contact with the water. The Aura 2 has a stiffer overall structure with more flex in the wingtips. Aura 2 has a more forward centre of effort and more forward handle positions while the V3 has more rearward handle positions and more back hand pressure. In general, the Aura 2 is a smooth, user-friendly all-around wing suitable for a wide variety of conditions and skill levels. The V3 has a direct, sportive, compact feel with maneuverability for attacking freestyle tricks and transitions.