Battle of the Bay SUP Race Results

All photos by @toms_beachlife

With the many races going on in Europe this summer many might wonder what race was the place to be. Right now it looks like that the Battle of the Bay in Bournemouth was that race. The British National Series race attracted the current World SUP Ranking number one athlete Donato Freens to compete against Englands best.

Longdistance is Donatos strong suit and he defeated Englands number one paddler Blue Ewer by 32 seconds. As far as we can tell from the race times the rest of the field was pretty much left far behind as the 3rd on the podium Arthur Arutkin from France was almost 4 minutes behind.

Men Longdistance Top 20

1Donato Freens NED1:02:57
2Blue EwerGBR1:03:29+0:32.4
3Arthur ArutkinFRA1:06:55+3:58.0
4Hector JesselGBR1:07:07+4:10.0
5Bastian GrimmGER1:09:19+6:21.9
6James RoweGBR1:14:55+11:58.7
7Pete Holliday GBR1:15:11+12:14.8
8Ryan JamesGBR1:17:57+15:00.7
9Denzil WilliamsGBR1:18:21+15:24.4
10Dave EwerGBR1:20:12+17:15.1
11Nick WattGBR1:20:39+17:42.0
12Adam StilingGBR1:21:00+18:03.7
13Kiran RavalGBR1:21:59+19:02.0
14Jonathan SherwinGBR1:22:15+19:18.2
15Saviour Aquilina GBR1:22:37+19:40.9
16Scott BrownGBR1:22:48+19:51.6
17Simon NashGBR1:23:41+20:44.6
18Scott WarrenGBR1:25:01+22:04.6
19Chris Macdonald GBR1:25:02+22:05.5
20Andy JoyceGBR1:27:03+24:06.5

On the ladies side Annabel Page who is a lesser known name in the SUP World won pretty clear over two British household names: Ginnie Betts and Holly Pye. Ginnie Betts is currently ranking world number 14 and has all podiums at the British National Series, as well as a 10th place at the SUP Spring Race. Never the less she was almost one and a half minute behind Annabel.

Ladies Longdistance Top 10

1Annabel Page GBR1:17:24
2Ginnie Betts GBR1:18:53+1:28.4
3Holly PyeGBR1:20:03+2:38.5
4Verity ThomasGBR1:26:53+9:29.1
5Julie Smith GBR1:27:20+9:56.3
6Louise CourtGBR1:27:33+10:08.9
7Sarah PerkinsGBR1:27:39+10:15.0
8Lydia Clifton GBR1:32:21+14:57.1
9Julia KuletaGBR1:35:20+17:56.1
10Claire Terry GBR1:37:59+20:34.7

Tech Race Men

Blue Ewer and Donato Freens traded spots in the Tech. Race although it looks like they were splitting hairs. Arthur Arutkin remains 3rd and behind him the ranks look almost the same like in the longdistance race.

1Blue EwerGBR17:32.7
2Donato Freens NED17:34.7+0:02.0
3Arthur ArutkinFRA17:36.2+0:03.5
4Hector JesselGBR18:31.2+0:58.5
5Bastian GrimmGER18:52.4+1:19.7
6James RoweGBR19:51.8+2:19.1
7Dawid KuletaGBR21:30.4+3:57.7
8Denzil WilliamsGBR21:35.1+4:02.4
9Kiran RavalGBR21:59.6+4:26.9
10Jonathan SherwinGBR22:13.5+4:40.8

Ladies Tech. Race

Once again Annabel Page came out on top of Holly Pye and Ginnie Betts with a 2 second lead to Holly and a smoking 46 seconds over Ginnie. We wonder what happened there, but unless we were at the race we would never know.

1Annabel Page GBR20:55.7
2Holly PyeGBR20:58.5+0:02.8
3Ginnie Betts GBR21:42.5+0:46.8
4Julie Smith GBR23:04.9+2:09.2
5Verity ThomasGBR23:06.7+2:11.0
6Lydia Clifton GBR23:59.9+3:04.2
7Louise CourtGBR24:06.2+3:10.5
8Sarah PerkinsGBR24:13.6+3:17.9
9Claire Terry GBR24:32.4+3:36.7
10Sara MaxeyGBR25:10.3+4:14.6

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