Update from Lahaina Day 274

It feels like having a friend in the hospital and you can’t visit. You are helpless making his live better but you drive past the hospital every day. You are not allowed to visit so you relay on people to hear who your friend is doing. You can’t bring flower and wish your friend well in person and it starts to make you sad. You like to be part of your friends recovery and show support but your hands are tied. The recovery process is in the hand of professionals and visiting hours don’t exist.

This is how I feel about Lahaina a place, I called home for 22 years. A place where my kids grow up, go to school, learned to surf and play during summer.

This is why it felt like a privilege to go to Lahaina and see with my own eyes how things are progressing. I have not been to Lahaina in over 174 days and despite all the progress that has been made it was a horrific and gruesome reminder of what trauma our community went trough. It was reminder on even if we started to continue with our lives, that this will never be really over, there will never be a moment when we look back and say: “This is all behind us.” We will never be able to say that in hind sight there was something positive coming out of it.

We lost our town but we did not loose the great memories we have build in it and it is important to me to talk about these memories, keen them alive and share it with the readers.

We must never forget and always cherish what is left of Lahaina and preserve it at all cost. I once vowed to make a daily video about the journey all the way to the last house being rebuilt, but as it is, things are getting in the way. This is why I made this video and hope I can do some more every once in a while.


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