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Sunday Tech. Race

We love Tech. Races and we love them exactly for pictures like this. We just don’t understand why we don’t have more of them.

Running though heat by heat makes no sense here as we were not able to watch all the heats on the live cast. Looking at the final results we do see a few unexpected placements as we would have expected Boothy and Vaic to be on top and on the ladies side things look mostly the way we can expect final results like this, except maybe Espe not making the podium.

Great shot by Andy Klotz

Men Tech. Finals

  1. Filippo Mercuriali
  2. Santino Basaldella
  3. Michael Booth
  4. Blue Ewer
  5. Vaic Garioud
  6. Paolo Marconi
  7. Andrey Kraitor
  8. Filippo Alberti
  9. Cameron Tripney

Women Tech. Finals

  1. Juliette Duhaime
  2. Claudia Postiglione
  3. Tarryn King
  4. Esperanza Barreras
  5. Cecilia Pampinella
  6. Susak Molinero
  7. Skadi Langbein
  8. Noemi Bshai
  9. Eric Revil

We also like to thank Andy Klotz who has been tirelessly taking pictures all these days for us to use and share. If you have a moment give him a like and share his content.


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Saturday Longdistance Race


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A watershed moment for Donato Freens

The big news first: Donato Freens beats Michael Booth. His victory is most likely the biggest win of his career. Arriving at the finish line less than a board length ahead of one of the biggest names in the sport is a huge career moment for Donato. The odds were certainly on Boothys side and if we had to pick a name for gold it would have been Boothy. In fact we were pretty convinced that this race will be an easy pay check for Boothy. In numbers: The 0.74 seconds cost Boothy EUR 1000 in price money as Donato is taking home his biggest check ever.

Vaic Garioud arrived 4.66 seconds behind the winner and the fourth place with Blue Ewer with 8.85 seconds. from there the gaps are just growing rather quickly into the double digits.

Top 20 of 183

1Freens DonatoNED1:09:27.10
2Booth MichaelAUS1:09:28.07
3Garioud VaïcGRA1:09:32.06
4 Ewer BlueGBR1:09:36.08
5Mercuriali FilippoITA1:09:40.02
6 Basaldella SantinoARG1:09:50.00
7 van Bakel JoepNED1:10:13.07
8Marconi PaoloITA1:10:21.08
9Schwarz OleGER1:10:33.06
10Lauble ManuelGER1:10:36.01
1Kraitor AndriiBUL1:11:56.00
12von Allmen BodieUSA1:12:06.09
13Grimm BastianGER1:12:16.02
14Szabó ZénóHUN1:12:18.05
15Weidert PeterGER1:12:23.07
16Lazzarini GiulioITA1:12:23.08
17Mandoloni EnricoITA1:12:27.04
18Stefan AlexITAL1:12:30.10
19Károly MártonHUN1:12:48.01
20Taucher ChristianAUT1:12:58.03

Now that Esperanza has her Spanish Championships out of the way she can focus on the rest of the season. Opening her campaign in Austria seemed a very smart choice as nobody in the field could even come near hear. With a lead of 4:24.47 she did not only win she absolutely smoked her competition. Juliette DuHaime who is having a strong season might have gotten a bit of a reality check paddling against Espe. Cecilia Pampinella found her way back on the podium with just about 8 seconds behind Juliette. Tarryn King how ever was very close behind her missing the podium only by 3 seconds.

Over all spoken, there was an entire pack behind Espe all arriving within the same minute and from rank 7 with Reka Slekta from Hungary the time lag is growing rapidly.

Top 20 of 67

1Barreras EsperanzaESP1:15:16.02
2Duhaime JulietteARG1:19:40.07
3 Pampinella CeciliaITA1:19:48.07
4King TarrynZAF1:19:51.07
5Molinero SusakESP1:19:52.04
6Kocsis CsillagHUN1:19:56.08
7 Slekta RékaHUN1:20:06.05
8Postiglione ClaudiaITA1:20:54.03
9Revil EricaFRA1:22:13.01
10Pinteric NajaSLO1:23:04.01
11 Langbein SkadiGER1:23:19.06
12Venturelli LisaITA1:23:21.02
13Pye HollyGBR1:23:30.04
14Sabato SvevaITA1:23:38.09
15Fischer SabineSUI1:23:47.10
16Lemekha ViraUKR1:23:51.03
17Daskiran Laila JoyceGER1:23:57.00
18Nowak LenaPOL1:24:06.01
19Bashai NoemiITA1:24:49.02
20Daszewska EmiliaPOL1:24:51.08

Friday Speedrace

We are already two days into the big SUP Festival at the Faaker See in Austria and judging by the pictures the event is already a big success and the main events have not even been running yet.

The weather looks amazing and the European SUP Summer is in full swing.

The weekend started with a boarder cross style races in the town and then moved to the lake in on Friday with Team Races and Speed (Sprint Races).

Congratulations to the winners of the Speedrace: Andrey Kaitor who was 2 seconds faster than South African Cameron Tripney. Esperanza Barreras showed her strength with an almost two second win over Claudia Postiglione.

Top 10 Men Speed

1Andray KraitorBUL1:03.72
2Cameron TripneyZAF1:05.21
3Damodara MokhniukAUT1:10.82
4Christian TaucherAUT1:12.32
5Kai CarstensBRD1:12.41
6Ondras PetrakCZE1:13.19
7Giulio LazzariniITA1:14.19
8Enrico MandoloniITA1:14.67
9Lasse SauerteigBRD1:14.85
10Benyam BossakBRD1:16.09

Top 10 Women Speed

1Esperanza  BarrerasESP1:16.37
2Claudia PostiglioneITA1:18.27
3Tarryn KingZAF1:19.36
4Holly PyeUK1:27.35
5Emilia DaszewskaPOL1:23.20
6Naja PintericSLO1:23.37
7Sabine FischerSUI1:24.49
8Linda SyrovatkovaCZE1:26.28
9Sveva SabatoITA1:26.42
10Martyna DrobnyPOL1:27.65

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