SUP World Ranking Update after Mondello SUP Race


The race of the week was the Mondello Water Festival as part of the EURO TOUR This is where most of the racers went this last weekend. Most movements are once again in the Longdistance category, but we did have some movement in Tech. Race as well as in Sprint. The reason for this was because the results from the Pescara Beach Race came in in the second half of last week when the top ten were already out. This is why we have theses results added one week late. Then there were some changes in the Tech. Race category because the Spanish had their Championships, with guest stars Connor Baxter and Christian Andersen. (Thats right.)

Starting with the biggest category:

Men Longdistance

Donato Freens is holding on to his lead and with his 3. Place in Mondello and with Rai Taguchis 7. Place, Donato Freens was able to build up his lead. Filippo Mercuriali is moving up 7 spots. This is also due to the fact that the Pescara Beach Race results were reported late and were not put into consideration last week. The big one to pay attention to is Shuri “Shrimpy” Araki, he arrived in the top 10 with only 2 races but already over 1000 points. If he wins one more race he be moving up very fast. Here all will come down to next weekends races with the SUP Alps Trophy and the EURO TOUR Sancti Petri. Who will race where and how will these two events be indexed by SWR.

RankNameNationPointsRacesLast ResultChange
1Donato FreensNED2407.2363. EURO TOUR Mondello
2Rai TaguchiJPN1169.9237. EURO TOUR Mondello
3Filippo Mercuriali**ITA1416.8254. EURO TOUR Mondello↑ 7
4Bode von AllmenUSA1286.9264. ICE Race↑ 4
5Thomas DusartFRA1159.5663. Padlle of the Kempen↓ 1
6Ludovic TeuladeFRA1155.5625. EURO TOUR Mondello↑ 1
7Antonio MorilloESP1123.0331. 3S Festival *↓ 4
8Ricardo RossiITA1049.32515. EURO TOUR Mondello↓ 3
9Shuri ArakiJPN1021.621. EURO TOUR MondelloNEW
10Eri TenorioBRA986.12410. EURO TOUR Mondello↓ 1
* Older than a week

Longdistance Women

Juliette DuHaime continues to lead the field, but Mariecarmen Rivera arrives in the top 10 with a “Bang” in 2. place, just like Shrimpy, she won both EURO TOUR races and is now on Juliettes heels. In the meanwhile Cecilia Pampinellas 6. Place Mondello secured her 3. spot in the top ten, but she will need to continue to deliver better results if she wants to stay on the podium. Susak Molinero is not far behind her, as she just moved up 4 spots. The most surprising new arrival in the top 10 is Ginnie Betts from the UK. She has been collecting points in England and her last result gave her enough points to enter the list. Lisa Venturelli raced at the Pescara Beach Race of which the results came in pretty late last week. Melanie Lafenetres 2. place in Mondello also gave her also enough points to get into the top then, we know if Melanie will show up consistently she will be a permanent fixture in the top ranking.

RankNameNationPointsRacesLast ResultChange
1Juliette DuHaimeARG814.3943. EURO TOUR Mondello
2Mariecarmen RiveraPUR638.521. EURO TOUR MondelloNEW
3Cecilia PampinellaITA631.7636. EURO TOUR Mondello
4Susak MolineroESP583.6234. EURO TOUR Mondello↑  4
5Petronella van MalsenNED582.531. Paddle of Kempen↓ 1
6Laura QuetglasESP532.5324. Battle for Hercules*↓ 4
7Melanie LafenetreFRA510.722. EURO TOUR MondelloNEW
8Lisa VenturelliITA500.7222. Pescara Beach RaceNEW
9Ginnie BettsGBR452.6242. Llandefedd PursuitNEW
10Samantha EastburnUSA406.2242. Dana Ocean Challenge*↓ 5
* older than a week

Men Tech. Race

Tech. Races are rare and the reason we had movement was because of the late results from the Pescara Beach Race a week ago and the Spanish Championships. The winner here, Aaron Sanchez is not yet in the top ten.

The bigger news however is the surprise visit in Spain by Connor Baxter and Christian Andersen. Frankly we had no idea that Connor is in Europe right now and we are sure wondering what his race schedule is. Connor as been more quiet lately and we did not expect to see him racing until the bigger international races. Maybe he was enticed by the big price money at the SUP Alps Trophy and will show up in Austria next weekend, but we have no idea. Christian Andersen has been on the quiet side as well but at least he is not travelling all the way from Maui.

RankNameNationPointsRacesLast ResultChange
1Filippo MercurialiITA760.921. Pescara Beach Race↑ 1
2Donato FreensNED954.0223. Spring SUP Race*↓ 1
3Ricardo RossiITA622.8821. Trasimeno SUP Race*
4Rai TaguchiJPN616.811. Spring SUP Race*↓ 2
5Christian AndersenDEN610.9924. Spanish Champs↑ 5
6Tomasso PampinellaITA542.927. Trasimeno SUP Race*↓ 1
7Connor BaxterHAW482.7326. Spanish ChampsNEW
8Ivan De Frutos RuizESP479.827. Spanish ChampsNEW
9Sergio CantoralESP450.7123. Spanish ChampsNEW
10Filippo AlbertiITA416.626. Trasimeno SUP Race*↓ 4
* older than one week

Women Tech. Race

There is not much movement on the ladies side. All results are petty old except the ones from the Spanish Championships where Esperanza Barreras won. She is now making her first appearance in the SWR Top Ten list.

RankNameNationPointsRacesLast ResultChange
1Cecilia PampinellaITA543.521. Trasimeno SUP Race*
2Paris KatnissUSA431.7722. Spring SUP Race*
3Jessica MatosBRA341.222. Ultimate Paddle Brazil*
4Lemekha ViraUKR320.1624. Trasimano SUP Race*
5Laura QuetglasESP298.1427. Spanish Champs.↑ 1
6Cieplinska MalgorzataPOL297.511. GlaGla*↓ 1
7Juliette DuHaimeARG237.2511 ProSayulita SUP Open*
8Esperanza BarrerasESP214.2511. Spanish Champs.NEW
9Lisa VenturelliITA206.5623. Pescara Beach RaceNEW
10Marta ApanasewiczPOL200.4614. Spring SUP Race*↓ 2