Fiona Wylde Wins DEFI Wind

The multiple SUP World Champion, Fiona Wylde did it again: Winning a Wing Foil Race. This time not just a wing foil race but the famous DEFI Wind in France. This is the race where hundreds of Windsurfers or in this case Wingfoilers all start at once as the motor boat is serving as the start line crossing all the races right on their nose.

What a great moment it must be to race with this many people. Photo: Louis McHugh

Fiona Wylde made her self a big name in the SUP World with her great performance and always positive attitude. Then she started to cross over in to Wingfoiling and promptly made podium at the few races she went to. She had a big comeback after her shoulder surgery winning the first race she went to.

Now she is besides herself winning this extra ordinary race:

The DEFI Wind is an event I grew up watching. I remember when I was little, my dad showed me photos of this event in France that had over 1,000 windsurfers. We always thought it would be fun to go to it. It sounded like such a novelty, not a reality.

Now wingfoil is part of the event and I got to experience being on the start line with 400 wingfoilers. The experience was surreal, including the fact that today it was over 40knots and I was overpowered on a 2.5m wing for the entire 40km race course.

Photo via DEFI Wind

I really can’t believe I won the event. Absolutely thrilled to start my competitive year this way!!I learned that I am the first American to win the Defi, and event that has been happening for 22 years. crazy! Such an honor.

Huge thank you to the entire safety crew, organizers, event staff, and all of the participants for such a fun time! Big thank you to, @starboardfoilboard, @waterspeedapp, for the support this week. Dream Team.

The last time we saw Fiona was at the boot show in January 2024 in Dusseldorf.


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