The Carolina Cup 2024 Results

It was a busy last few days in Wrightsville Beach for the US paddle community. The legendary Graveyard Race took place on Saturday and drew some well known names to the race course but sadly not all of them. The Carolina Cup once was THE season opener and athletes from all over the world showed up. In fact last year we even had Duna Gordillo and Laura Quetglas paddling it. (2023 results here) We also missed Danny Ching this year as well as Candice Appleby.

On the ladies side, Jenny Kalmbach one of the OGs in Stand Up Paddling showed that she is still very strong as she beat last years winner Kimberley Barns and one of the worlds best: Sey Chelle. She was definitely a bit slow for our taste with an almost 10 minute gap to Jenny. Either way, Jenny and Sey have been racing for a very long time and it is great to see them being still competitive. Kimberly is right in there and it sure would be nice to see them taking on the rest of the world but we might just have to wait for the ICF in Sarasota.

Graveyard Race Women

1Jenny Kalmbach 2:18:18
2Kimberly Barnes 2:22:33
3Sey chelle 2:28:00
4Madeline Leblanc2:34:39
5Regan Littell 2:43:12
6Meredith Stewart 3:08:47
7Edith Turcotte 3:09:41
8Hyunyung Boo 3:19:58
9Kathy Mcrae 3:28:50
10Wendy Tillett 3:39:26
11Rachel Cantore 3:46:10

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Graveyard Race Men

Michael Booth showed a strong performance putting his competition at least 5 minutes behind him making this his first victory of the year. We know he be traveling to Europe after this where he will attend the Lake Rocks SUP Race in Austria. Itzel Delgado and Bodie von Allmen crossed the finish line withing 21 seconds from eachother. We know Bodie will also go to Austria and Itzel is on the startlist for the M2O this year, but we do not know what his plans are in the meanwhile.

Sadly we have to admit that below the 3rd place we only recognize one name and that is Anthony Galang an SUP enthusiast from the US east coast, he paddled the M2M in 2023 and will be back for this race this summer.

PlaceName Time
1Michael Booth2:00:45
2Itzel Delgado2:05:31
3Bodie von Allmen2:05:52
4Ricardo Avila2:07:43
5Campbell Carter2:10:20
6Tim Oliver2:11:37
8Tommy Buday2:18:20
9Jack Ballard2:19:43
11John Batson2:25:07
12Tilghman Meiser2:27:18
14Steven Bernstein2:28:57
15Edwin Cornier2:30:53
17Dan Miller2:35:05
18Collin Poskaitis2:35:24
19Blake Carmichael2:37:52
20Anthony Galang2:41:04
22Corey Curtis2:43:14
23Terry Smith2:57:03
24Simon Trudel-Perreault2:58:20
25Joe Bechtold3:01:55
26Nathan Eilenfeldt3:04:09
27Ken Kelmer3:07:58
30Bruno Turcotte3:13:19
31Dave Wacht3:13:56
32Christopher Richard3:15:23