EURO TOUR Punta Ala SUP Race Results

The EURO TOUR opener in Punta Ala in Italy have quite a few surprises in store for us. Not knowing in advance who would be there it was hard to make some predictions. With the results in front of us we may admit that would we have lost the one or other bet guessing the podium.


Women Longdistance

Marie Carmen arrived in Europe. (SWR 21. / 2023) The last time we seen the Puerto Rican lady paddling was at the PanAm games and the ISA in France where she won podiums in all disciplines. This was the moment it became clear she has big potential, just nobody knew if she would travel out side her region. Now we know she has arrived in Europe and won her debut race with a clear margin of over three minutes.

Melanie Lafenetre (SWR 39. / 2023) started her season in a strong position. Her last race and podium was the ICF 2023. We hope to see many battles for gold between her and Mariecarmen

Juliette DuHaime (SWR 9. / 2023) is well into her 2024 SUP Race season. She won the HanoHano and the ProSayulita Longdistance Race. Now she is up against the European competition (plus Mariecarmen) and given she was 11 seconds behind Melanie, she is looking strong.

Cecilia Pampinella (SWR 4. / 2023) is well into her 2024 season and paddled nothing but podiums this year. In fact out of 5 races she got 4 tims gold. Seeing her 10 minutes back is a big surprise and as we know Cecilia she can’t be happy with that result.

Where are the Spaniards, where is Esperanza Barreras? This is a question we been asking ourselves for the last weeks. Not a single person from the “Spanish Tormenta” made it to the EURO TOUR. We have not seen Esperanza racing this year at all. We are really starting to wonder what is going on and hope there is no reason to be concerned.

11:32:20Mariecarmen RiveraPRElite W
21:35:23Melanie LafenetreFRAElite W
31:35:34Juliette DuhaimeARGElite W
41:36:12Anais GuyomarchFRAElite W
51:42:21Cecilia PampinellaITAElite Junior
61:44:12Susak MolineroITAElite W
72:08:13Miriana MangialascheITAU16
82:16:36Julia RissoFRAU14
92:17:21Géraldine LachkarFRAElite Master
DNFDNFValerie Le DinsFRAAmateur

Men Longdistance

Shrimpy Shuri Araki (SWR 8. / 2023) opened up his 2024 SUP season with a bang. He did not just win he destroyed his competitors with over 10 minutes lead time. We have not seen him racing since the ISA and the ICF Worlds last year and we all knew this kids is capable of big things. If he spends the summer in Europe we might see a whole new way of dominance.

Donato Freens was last years SWR number one and already paddled 3 longdistance races this year. Donato knows the podium very well and we have not seen him head to head with shrimpy since the ISA and ICF. We are Shrimpys dominance might have shaken up the young dutch man a bit.

Ethan Bry (SWR 49. / 2023) is a bit of a dark horse who was not that busy of a paddler in 2023. His last result was a 2nd place at the EURO SUP last year. Therefore it is hard to make predictions surrounding Ethans SUP plans for 2024 but given that he traveled the distance to the EURO TOUR we might assume he stick around for a few more races.

Rai Taguchi (SWR 4. / 2023) declared a big SUP Summer 2024 with Podiums and Gold medals. He started well at the SUP Spring race but he missed the podium at his first EURO TOUR race ever by 38 seconds.

11:11:20Shuri ArakiJAPElite M
21:20:32Donato FreensNEDElite M
31:20:54Ethan BryFRAElite M
41:21:32Rai TaguchiJAPElite M
51:21:44Paolo MarconiITAElite M
61:24:54Ricardo RossiITAElite M
71:25:44Eri TenorioBRAElite M
81:27:35Oliver HoughtonNZLElite M
91:28:12Leo NicaITAElite M
101:28:43Tommaso PampinellaITAElite M
111:30:12Fabrizio RondinaraARTElite Junior
121:30:42Santino BasaldellaARGElite M
131:31:12Enrico MandoloniITAElite M
141:32:24Giulio LazzariniITAU14
151:33:02Filippo AlbertiITAElite M
161:47:13Tomas LelovitsSLOElite Master
171:49:24Roberto MandoloniITAElite Kahuna
181:51:21Narciso MadedduITAElite Master
191:53:23Luka KožarSLOElite M
201:55:02Giulio BruccianiITAElite Junior
212:16:21Alistair HughesUKElite Master
222:18:34Oliver PapaITAAmateur
232:20:13Ricardo PapaITAU14
242:20:45Thomas Andrew DaddiUSAElite Master
252:27:13Massimiliano D’ApolitoITAElite Master
262:29:24Giorgio BaldantoniITAElite Kahuna