Carolina CUP Graveyard SUP Race Results

The world was anticipating a SUP showdown between Michael Booth and Danny Ching at the legendary Graveyard SUP Longdistance Race at the Carolina Cup. Instead it was Michael Booth who domiated the race pretty much from the start. The big surprise of the day was the performance of the Brazilian paddler Eri Tenorio. He took second place but still running 2 minutes 27 seconds behind Boothy. Never the less it appears we have to keep a closer eye on Eri as he was also clearly much faster than Spain’s Aaron Sanchez who finished more than 5 minutes behind the first place.

Seeing Danny Ching in 4th place this far behind Boothy certainly comes a bit as a surprise. In fact all of the top 5 paddlers all came across the finish line not within seconds but minutes. Also noteworthy is the performance of Bodie von Almen the youngster from Oregon is quite a bit younger than his competitors finishing with a strong 5th place behind some big names in the sport.

Results Graveyard men

1Michael Booth 2:01:13.8
2 ➤ 4Eri Tenorio penalty2:03:39.6
3 ➤ 5Aaron Sanchez Quetglas penalty2:06:49.9
2Danny Ching 2:07:59.3
3Bodie Von Allmen 2:09:25.8
6Steven Bernstein 2:13:21.2
7Steve Miller 2:15:31.1
8Campbell Carter 2:15:45.5
9Tim Warner 2:16:15.6
10Jake Portwood 2:16:20.0
13John Batson 2:19:53.2
15Tommy Buday 2:24:54.0
17Marc Simoncelli Canudas 2:28:03.8
19Travis Kindt 2:29:35.6
21Pete Gauvin 2:33:00.8
23Matt Jones 2:35:39.4
25Tilghman Meiser 2:37:22.5
26James Welch 2:38:09.5
27Cameron Carney 2:39:25.8
28Collin Poskaitis 2:40:57.6
30Alex Sandler 2:41:41.5
31James Nickerson 2:43:01.5
35Terry Smith 2:52:09.6
36Anthony Galang 2:53:45.1
37Mike Hill 2:55:55.3

The ladies results came also with a surprise. The on the international stage unknown Kimberly Barnes won 13 miles race over SUP all star Candice Appleby. The ladies race however was much closer than the mens. Kimberly had Candice beat by only 10 seconds and another 50 seconds behind that we already had Duna Gordillo making the 3rd place. As all three top paddlers came in with in a minute from each other, behind Duna was a big gap of more than 6 minutes.

Another female athlete we kept an eye on was Sey Chelle. This was her first race since she announced a “semi” retirement after her pregnancy. Now she was back but with almost 15 minutes behind the leader we are sure this was not the time the former world champion was looking for. We maybe curios if this was the only international race we have seen Sey Chelle competing in or will she go and compete again like her old days?

1Kimberly Barnes 2:18:55.3
2Candice Appleby 2:19:04.6
3Duna Gordillo 2:19:55.3
4Laura Quetglas 2:26:40.3
5Stephanie Shideler 2:29:35.0
6Sey chelle 2:32:10.1
7Victoria Burgess 2:35:21.0
8Emilie Fournel 2:37:00.0
9Regan Littell 2:41:29.2
10Alex Ostrowski 2:43:04.7
11Madeline Leblanc 2:44:43.3
12Soryn Preston 2:49:44.4
13Sylvie Bordeleau 3:03:06.9
14Caroline Cook 3:04:08.7
15Edith Turcotte 3:04:10.8
16Danielle Holdsworth 3:10:20.0
17Kristin Thomas 3:12:56.4
18Kattie Carpenter 3:16:26.5
19Wendy Tillett 3:23:32.1
20Kathy Mcrae 3:28:27.8
21Kate Lewis 3:44:57.3
22Kirsty MacMillan 3:52:37.0
23Cloutier Andrea Guay4:02:18.1

Over all it is disappointing to see how the date over lap with the SUP World Festival has diminished the participation in the elite field of paddlers. The Carolina Cup was traditionally the big season opener for the SUP Sport. How ever the weekend is not over and we are looking forward to the Tech. Races on Sunday. We will be seeing April Zilg in her first SUP Race of the year. (Looking for more pictures of the race? So are we.)