SUP Suisse announces dates for the 2023 competition tour

Stand Up Paddling (SUP) continues to boom and has risen from a former trend sport to a water sport
that is popular worldwide. No wonder, because SUP is suitable for all age groups and even beginners
can quickly get to grips with the board. From beginners to elite athletes: there is something for

SUP Suisse is pleased to announce the 2023 dates of the SUP Suisse Tour (SST) organized by local
partners across Switzerland. The Swiss-wide stops include SUP races in Thun, Bern, St. Blaise,
Arbon, Zurich, Nyon, Villeneuve, Salavaux, Davos and Uster with honoring the tour winners and
Swiss champions.

As in the previous year, fun for participants and spectators is the focus of the race, which stops in
several Swiss cities. Welcome are young and old, beginners, leisure or thoroughbred paddlers,
families, friends, work colleagues, clubs or associations. Anyone who is interested can register and
compete against other competitors in individual races.

“As always, our focus is on growing the sport. In addition to the competitions, we organize so-called
SUP clinics as paddling technique training. We will continue to look for ways to make SUP more
accessible to recreational paddlers and athletes across Switzerland,” says Andi Saurer, President of
SUP Suisse.

There are different categories in the various places in Switzerland. As Rivella Refresh participants, for
example, the competitors paddle around four kilometers and have to overcome several buoy turns as
obstacles. As an elite athlete, a distance of twelve kilometers is covered. One to five different
competition categories are advertised at each tour stop:

● Rivella Refresh: For beginners who paddle a distance of approx. 4km
● SIC Kids: For children under the age of 12 who paddle a distance of approx. 500m. Paddle
Board and accessories are placed in this category
● Fanatic Juniors: For children under 16 years of age who paddle a distance of approx. 2km.
Paddle Board and accessories are placed in this category
● Intermediate: For leisure paddlers who paddle a distance of approx. 6km
● Elite: For athletes who paddle a distance of approx. 12km or compete against each other in a
technique course

The events are also divided into three different point classes (SST1000, SST500 and SST250).
Paddlers can earn different numbers of points throughout the season.

For the first time this year there will also be a competition during the Züri Fäscht in Zurich (July 7-9,
2023). All competition categories can take part in the Züri Fäscht race. On Friday, July 7th, 2023,
there will be instruction for juniors and kids on the course, as well as free paddling for the other
categories. On Saturday, July 8th, 2023, the heats of the Rivella Refresh, Intermediate and Elite
competitions will take place. The kids and juniors compete on Sunday, as well as the finals of the
other categories.

Those who prefer to watch will also get their money’s worth. An entertaining supporting program
awaits all visitors to the competition events.

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