ICF surprises with SUP Foiling

The ICF SUP World Championships Sprint finals were just over. Then we got to witness what for sure nobody saw coming: A SUP Foil Flat Water Sprint Race. That’s right, the ICF, an organization that we still associate with rather conservative values gives SUP Flat Water Foiling a platform. For the first time EVER!

We at the Stand Up Magazin like to thank the ICF as we feel extremely validated. We been envisioning SUP Flat Water Foiling to become a division within SUP since we saw the first Downwind Races on Maui. We have written about it and spoke about it in our videos when ever we touch the topic of SUP Foiling. Now this grass root movement just grew a bit bigger.

Of course we can’t get ahead of ourselves as there were only 3 guys on the start line and they were all affiliated with Starboard so we may suspect that Starboard also made the initiative. Regardless how small this was, it was a first and it was done by the International Canoe Federation and not the the International Surfing Association or the APP. Why does this matter? Well it was the ISA and the APP that were cutting edge in SUP in the early days. The ICF was rather late to the game, but to see them to show case SUP Flat Water Foiling at their World Championships is significant.

We can only envision, that in summer 2024 the one or the other event organizer that saw what happened on Thursday November 16th 2023 will consider including SUP Flat Water Foiling in their event.

Watch our latest video on the topic.


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