ICF 2023 SUP World Championships Updates Results

Tech. Races Saturday

Men Open Tech.

The Tech. Races from Saturday could not have been more exciting. Particularly the men’s open final. Right off the start two podium contenders fell off their boards and were out. First Noic Garioud who cold not jump on this board properly and fell in the water right off the beach. That was a huge upset for the french who just won gold in the long distance. Then 15 seconds later it was Andrey Kraitor who fell in off his board. By that time Connor Baxter was already in the lead by half a board lenth.

Then another big up set happened right behind Connor Baxter at the beach turn. It was Shuri Araki who clawed his way in to third before the flat and moved up into second right behind Connor at the re-entry, but then he fell jut like Noic and not only that, he then got over run by Antonio Morillo taking his board on his head and now he had to swim for his paddle. With Shrimpy now also far behind it was fair game for Connor who never gave up his lead once, probably also not know what was going on behind him.

1Connor BAXTERUSA05:57.8
2Itzel DELGADOPER06:01.13.29
3Antonio MORILLOESP06:02.14.23
4Rai TAGUCHIJPN06:03.25.33
5Christian ANDERSENDEN06:05.17.25
6Eri TENORIOBRA06:12.214.38
7Titouan PUYOFRA06:16.919.03
8Shuri ARAKIJPN06:17.819.99
9Clement COLMASFRA06:20.923.05
10Aaron SANCHEZESP06:27.329.52
11Andrii KRAITORBUL06:37.940.08

Women Open Tech.

The women’s final had one but significant lead change. Melanie Lafenetre had the best start and kept the lead for the firs lap all the way to the first green turning buoy where things started to change. Esperanza tried to squeeze by on the inside with Juliette DuHaime right behind in third. On this stretch Espe was able to over take Melanie and arrived at the last green buoy first. She now had a good lead and it did not look like she was giving it away anymore. In the meanwhile behind her was a fierce battle for second and third between Juliette and Melanie, but Melanie was just stronger than Juliette saving her self onto the beach for silver.

1Esperanza BARRERASESP06:46.0
2Melanie LAFENETREFRA06:49.13.15
3Juliette DUHAIMEARG06:49.43.42
4Anna TSCHIRKYSUI06:54.38.32
5Alba ALONSOESP06:58.812.89
6Iona RIVETFRA07:00.013.99
7Fiona WYLDEUSA07:14.828.81
8Seychelle WEBSTERUSA07:15.529.53
9Maddie MCASEYNZL07:18.632.65
10Kimberly BARNESUSA07:22.736.74
11Rika OKUAKIJPN07:28.842.88
12Izaskun MARTINESP07:31.945.93

Junior Men Tech.

1Sergio CANTORALESP06:21.0
2Vaic GARIOUDFRA06:29.38.24
3Shimazu NARIAKIRAJPN06:32.711.64
4Lluis PEROTTIESP06:40.719.7
5Ivan FRUTOSESP06:41.520.48
6Quinn PIRRITNZL06:46.725.63
7Kotaro MIYAHIRAJPN06:50.129.07
8Simon ACKERMANNFRA06:52.831.74
9Marc SIMONCELLIESP06:53.732.69
10Joan GARCIAESP06:56.735.64
11Ivan PUENTEESP06:58.036.97
12Nikolaos MALEKAKISGRE07:01.640.53

Junior Girls Tech.

1Claudia POSTIGLIONEITA07:08.4
2Csillag KOCSISHUN07:16.88.48
3Rosara DAVISNZL07:23.915.57
4Kyriaki LOGOTHETIGRE07:24.916.52
5Amelia MORALESP07:26.117.72
6Chiara VORSTERRSA07:35.226.84
7Ines BLINESP07:36.528.13
8Kanae SHIBAHARAJPN07:43.935.52
9Skadi LANGBEINGER07:48.339.89
10Velia PISANELLIITA07:52.644.21
11Eleni NIKOLAIDIGRE07:56.748.37

Men 40+ Tech.

1Ryohei YOSHIDAJPN06:24.1
2Georgios FRAGKOSGRE06:29.04.9
3Christian TAUCHERAUT06:32.88.77
4Joep VAN BAKELNED06:35.711.66
5Seiji KASHIWAGIJPN06:39.315.22
6Olivier DARRIEUMERLOUFRA06:42.017.93
7Martin TEICHMANNGER06:44.019.97
8Artem AVRAMENKOUKR06:59.835.73
9Anewy DAVIDFRA07:04.740.68
10Tommy BUDAYCAN07:11.547.44
11Branislav SRAMEKCZE07:12.948.8
12Nimrod NIRICF07:26.5+1:02.45

Women 40+ Tech

1Petronella VAN MALSENNED07:29.7
2Susanne LIERGER07:46.216.58
3Verity THOMASGBR08:00.130.45
4Elisabet LLARGUESESP08:07.938.23
5Chisato IWASAKIJPN08:11.541.85
6Florence JULENSUI08:15.545.83
7Lidvina CHAMPENDALSUI08:17.447.71
8Takayo YOKOYAMAJPN08:19.950.28
9Olga MERKULOVAICF08:27.357.6
10Christine SHERIDANSGP08:37.2+1:07.54
11Natalie RENDLEGBR08:41.8+1:12.17
12Danielle HOLDSWORTHCAN09:09.0+1:39.35

Men 50+ Tech.

1Daniel PARRESESP06:28.9
2Peter WEIDERTGER06:33.64.66
3Marc FORASTERESP06:40.611.7
4Vincent GUILLAUMEFRA07:01.132.18
5Koichi MATSUMOTOJPN07:06.437.53
6Holger HASSENPFLUGAUT07:20.751.81
7Jan SRAMEKCZE07:28.859.87
8Lefteris MAROULAKISGRE07:31.8+1:02.90
9Carsten KURMISGER07:33.1+1:04.16
10Simon TRUDEL-PERREAULTCAN07:36.6+1:07.72
11Daniele CANIITA07:59.4+1:30.48
12Ilia NETIAGINICF08:00.1+1:31.22

Women 50+ Tech.

1Marie BUCHANANGBR07:40.7
2Marlene BERGHNZL07:55.314.65
3Katerina TRDLOVACZE08:16.135.49
4Emmanuelle MARCONFRA08:17.737.03
5Anna OCCHIOGROSSOITA08:20.339.6
6Penny TSAOUTOUGRE08:26.545.87
7Natalia FONSLO08:27.446.75
8Sara ODDERAITA08:42.4+1:01.74
9Edith TEULADESUI08:54.4+1:13.71
10Tracey MOUQUENZL09:09.0+1:28.31
11Youngmi KIMKOR09:27.4+1:46.72

Longdistance Friday

Noic Garioud wins another gold medal beating Shuri Araki by just a 0.66 second. Two of the bigger names did not make podium, Titouan Puyo missed to podium by 35 seconds and Michael Booth did not do very well at all, falling on the 10th place with almost a 3 minutes behind Noic. As we know Boothy we are sure this is not the result he was looking for.

1Noic GARIOUDFRA01:29:36.17
2Shuri ARAKIJPN01:29:36.83
3Rai TAGUCHIJPN01:29:38.37
4Titouan PUYOFRA01:30:11.23
5Antonio MORILLOESP01:30:22.61
6Ludovic TEULADEFRA01:30:25.80
7Aaron SANCHEZESP01:31:39.19
8Ty JUDSONAUS01:31:45.97
9Paolo MARCONIITA01:32:09.30
10Michael BOOTHAUS01:32:19.71
11Eri TENORIOBRA01:33:12.06
12Manuel HOYUELAESP01:33:20.94
13Daniel HASULYOHUN01:33:43.42
14Itzel DELGADOPER01:34:27.74
15Anastasios TSOURISGRE01:34:37.28
16Blue EWERGBR01:36:18.50
17Fernando PEREZESP01:37:25.93
18Linus KARLSSONSWE01:37:51.45
19Jonathan HAGANAUS01:37:57.80
20Bodie VON ALLMENUSA01:38:15.30

Women Master 50+

Women Master 40+

1GBRMarie BUCHANAN01:22:04.87
2ITAAnna OCCHIOGROSSO01:27:41.98
3GREPenny TSAOUTOU01:29:30.98
4SLONatalia FON01:31:03.04
5CANWendy TILLETT01:32:02.53
6NZLMarlene BERGH01:34:15.11
7SUIEdith TEULADE01:35:52.66
8CHNGuiping WANG01:36:22.57
9ITASara ODDERA01:37:39.41
10ICFNataly PEREKRESTOVA01:40:25.12
1NEDPetronella VAN MALSEN01:54:59.94
2JPNTakayo YOKOYAMA01:55:07.62
3GERSusanne LIER01:56:52.38
4ICFOlga MERKULOVA02:02:34.41
5SUIFlorence JULEN02:04:51.27
6FRASandrine BERTHE02:09:59.05
7SUILidvina CHAMPENDAL02:13:57.07
8ESPElisabet LLARGUES02:19:11.11
9JPNChisato IWASAKI02:20:26.28
10GBRNatalie RENDLE02:29:12.44

Men Master 40+

1Joep VAN BAKELNED01:37:31.89
2Georgios FRAGKOSGRE01:37:32.31
3Tommy BUDAYCAN01:37:53.11
4Tim OLIVERCAN01:38:56.21
5Anewy DAVIDFRA01:39:31.25
6Pierre DE BOISFRA01:39:38.05
7Ryohei YOSHIDAJPN01:41:26.13
8Victor FEDULROU01:42:48.36
9Martin TEICHMANNGER01:43:35.58
10Artem AVRAMENKOUKR01:44:03.28

Men Master 50+

1Peter WEIDERTGER01:13:32.63
2Daniel PARRESESP01:14:07.94
3Marc FORASTERESP01:14:42.57
4Vincent GUILLAUMEFRA01:15:04.57
5Koichi MATSUMOTOJPN01:15:38.30
6Larry CAINCAN01:16:10.28
7Gabor SZABOHUN01:16:13.68
8Chris STRINGERCAN01:16:55.64
9Ilia NETIAGINICF01:17:08.70
10Lefteris MAROULAKISGRE01:17:11.43

Open women

Congratulations to Esperanza Barreras, she showed the world what she is made of and won the ICF world title solidifying here amazing 2023 season. The surprise of the day from our point of view was that Duna Gordillo came in third behind Kimberly Barnes who is entirely unknown in the European SUP Race circuit and therefore a bit of a dark horse when it comes to predictions. We hope to see more of her in 2024.

1Esperanza BARRERASESP01:43:44.57
2Kimberly BARNESUSA01:43:58.26
3Duna GORDILLOESP01:44:06.68
4Rika OKUAKIJPN01:45:07.81
5Seychelle WEBSTERUSA01:46:17.04
6Anna TSCHIRKYSUI01:46:18.45
7Iona RIVETFRA01:46:43.75
8Natsumi BABAJPN01:46:48.79
9Susak MOLINEROESP01:48:46.06
10Fiona WYLDEUSA01:51:10.38
11Laura QUETGLASESP01:54:03.65
12Sonia CAIMARIESP01:54:06.27
13Izaskun MARTINESP01:54:08.01
14Madeline LEBLANCCAN01:54:52.14
15Athanasia KARAINDROUGRE01:55:23.15
16Jo-Chi LEETPE01:59:29.01
17Sabine FISCHERSUI02:01:30.96
18Reka SLEKTAHUN02:01:55.46
19Camille HOURONFRA02:03:08.38
20Jiwon CHOIKOR02:04:45.85

Junior Boys

1Vaic GARIOUDFRA01:02:02.63
2Shimazu NARIAKIRAJPN01:02:38.68
3Kotaro MIYAHIRAJPN01:03:37.14
4Sergio CANTORALESP01:04:27.68
5Lluis PEROTTIESP01:04:56.57
6Joan GARCIAESP01:05:11.67
7Quinn PIRRITNZL01:05:16.27
8Mattia LIVORNESEITA01:05:18.69
10Hector JESSELGBR01:05:58.32

Junior Girls

1Claudia POSTIGLIONEITA01:12:25.61
2Cecilia PAMPINELLAITA01:12:29.42
3Csillag KOCSISHUN01:12:31.62
4Kanae SHIBAHARAJPN01:12:41.58
5Kyriaki LOGOTHETIGRE01:13:47.71
6Rosara DAVISNZL01:14:47.70
7Nakano SAKIJPN01:15:32.71
8Ines BLINESP01:15:34.79
9Amelia MORALESP01:15:37.30
10Velia PISANELLIITA01:15:39.12

Sprint Racing (Wednesday / Thrusday)

With a total of 163 heat we just finished two days of SUP Sprints at the ICF SUP World Championships in Thailand. The first impression of the races was very impressive and all we immediately what to do is compare the ICF canoe style lane racing to the ISA surf style ocean racing but we are saving this for later. Right now its all about the athletes looking at their performance finishing a 200 meter race course between 48 seconds (Connor Baxter) and 1 minute 30 seconds (women master 50+)

One thing that really stood out in the first two days to see how many athletes found their way to Thailand and to see what a great platform the ICF is providing to all of them. We never get to see German SUP juniors going head to head with juniors from Thailand or China and so many other countries. With all the different divisions and age groups all eyes were still on the open class and there were some surprises.

One of the biggest surprises was that Cecilia Pampinella did not dominate the junior final like expected. She had to take silver behind Kyriaki LOGOTHETI from Greece by only 0.08 seconds. Another big surprise was the victory in the junior boys by the Indonesian Arip PURNAMA over Vaic Garioud by 0.4 seconds.

Junior Boys

2Vaic GARIOUDFRA  54.72
3Andreas VOULGARISGRE  55.08
4Bole HECHN  56.19
5Sergio CANTORALESP  56.22
6Quinn PIRRITNZL56.83
7Augusto GARCIAESP57.47
8Nikolaos MALEKAKISGRE57.65

Junior Girls

1Kyriaki LOGOTHETIGRE  1:06.59
2Cecilia PAMPINELLAITA  1:06.67
3Naja PINTERICSLO  1:07.18
4Claudia POSTIGLIONEITA  1:07.98
5Eftychia ALEXANDRAKIGRE  1:08.21
6Csillag KOCSISHUN  1:08.49
7Skadi LANGBEINGER  1:08.58
8Anna HYKOVACZE  1:12.86

In the open class we also got gifted a few surprises. One was the Seychelle made the comeback of a live time. The semi retired APP World Champion from 2019 showed a solid performance in all her heats and beat her opponents with a clear lead of 1.72 seconds in the final. In fact the entire top 8 list is a bit of a surprise as our usual suspects with Esperanza Barreras, Melanie Lafenetre and Duna Gordillo did not make podium. Instead it was Juliette DuHaime and Tarry King who took the podium.

1Seychelle WEBSTERUSA  1:03.04
2Juliette DUHAIMEARG1:04.77 +1.72
3Tarryn KINGRSA1:05.39 +2.35
4Melanie LAFENETREFRA  1:05.56 +2.51
5Esperanza BARRERASESP  1:05.70 +2.66
6Iona RIVETFRA  1:06.61 +3.57
7Duna GORDILLOESP1:07.46 +4.42
8Maddie MCASEYNZL  1:07.65 +4.61

In the open men the final could not have been more suspenseful. This year all eyes were on Andrey Kraitor. He paddled the fastest time all day long seriously questioning Connor Baxters title chances. Then in the final it was Noic Garioud who pushed the hardest. Even Andrey was leading up until almost the finish line, he could not hold his slim lead Noic made a big push winning by just shy of a board length while the battle for 2nd was extremely close as you can see in the picture.

1Noic GARIOUDFRA  50.75
2Connor BAXTERUSA51.57 +0.82
3Andrii KRAITORBUL51.76 +1.01
4Davide ALPINOITA  53.42 +2.67
5Eri TENORIOBRA  53.80 +3.05
6Guitong YECHN  53.85 +3.09
7Rai TAGUCHIJPN  54.17 +3.42
8Christian ANDERSENDEN  54.78 +4.03

Congratulations to all the athletes in the other divisions

Women 50+

1Penny TSAOUTOU1:15.71
2Youngmi KIM1:15.84
3Marlene BERGH1:16.37
4Xianfu HU  1:16.83
5Katerina TRDLOVA  1:16.97
6Marie BUCHANAN1:18.08
7Natalia FON1:18.79
8Wendy TILLETT1:19.91

Men 50+

1Peter WEIDERTGER59.02
2Martin MARINOVAUS  1:01.82
3Larry CAINCAN  1:02.81
4Norbert HODLAUT1:04.61
5Wasan MANEEINTHA1:04.80
6Marc FORASTERESP  1:04.81
7Carsten KURMISGER  1:05.94
8Gabor SZABOHUN2:13.37

Women 40+

2Petronella VAN MALSENNED  1:09.59
3Takayo YOKOYAMAJPN  1:11.62
4Elisabet LLARGUESESP  1:12.11
5Angela MCKEENZL  1:12.67
6Manman WANGCHN  1:13.71
7Hong ZHANGCHN1:15.47
8Danielle HOLDSWORTHCAN1:17.04

Men 40+

3Ryohei YOSHIDAJPN59.27
5Martin TEICHMANNGER  1:00.07
6Tommy BUDAYCAN  1:00.23
7Victor FEDULROU  1:01.53
8Joep VAN BAKELNED01:02.5
Medal countGoldSilver Bronce