SUP World Ranking Update EURO SUP

We enjoyed a great week of SUP Racing in Peniche. The two stand outs beyond doubt were Melanie Lafenetre and Clement Colmas winning the ESF title in Longdistance and the Tech. Race. Now that the dust has settled we are looking at the statistics and wonder how the EURO SUP in Peniche has affected the over all world rankings.

Women Tech. Race

Despite her win Melanie Lafenetre was not able to break into the worlds top five. The main reason becomes clear when we look at the number of races. When we see Melanie racing she is always doing very well. She is just not as active as her competition. We did not see her commitment to the racing tour like others. Notably she only moved up one spot in the ranking. Fiona Wylde also moved up one spot due to her victory at the lesser published ICF SUP World Cup in Florida. The question now is as we are heading into the last few races of the seaon: Who will be competing at the ICF World Championships in Thailand. Despite having only 4 Tech. Races on her account Melanie can still catch up with Caroline Küntzel and even Anna Tschirky if the circumstances are right. Alba Frey made the top 10 with her 5th place in Peniche.

1Esperanza BarrerasESP82172.41
2Juliette DuhaimeARG61590.94
3Cecilia PampinellaITA81526.13
4Anna TschirkySUI71230.4
5Caroline KuntzelDEN51107.31
6Melanie LafenetreFRA41097.05↑1
7Fiona WyldeUSA41046.05↑1
8Marie Carmen RiveraPUR6881.26↓2
9Claudia PostiglioneITA7812.19
10Alba FreyESP6751.92NEW 

Men Tech. Race

The scenario in the mens category is not far from the womens. The winner, Clement Colmas, does not have enough races to make the top ten. In fact he currently ranks in place 21 with 3 races total. On the top end of the scale we see Christian Andersen with 9 races and a solid points lead over Connor Baxter who also is 4 races behind Christian. The biggest news as far as the top ten goes, is that Blue Ewer is back in. He was on rank 8 after the ISA but then fell back out when Arthur Arutkin made 5th in Busan and Ludovic Teulade became 2nd at the French Nationals.

1Christan AndersenDEN93012.56
2Connor BaxterUSA52334.86
3Shuri ArakiJPN42225.65
4Davide AlpinoITA71894.22↑1
5Fernando PerezESP61877.72↓1
6Ollie HoughtonNZL61786.65↓1
7Blue EwerGBR71684.78NEW
8Noic GarioudFRA31599.9↓1
9Arthur ArutkinFRA61594.01↓1
10Donato FreensNL61570.18↓1

Longdistance Men

The top three men remain untouched after EURO SUP. Most notable was the move by Bruno Hasulyo who made 2nd at a race in China, the Paddle Jiangnan. That pushed Christian Andersen down one spot. He was 5th in Peniche. New in the top then are the two Spanish athletes Fernando Perez and Aaron Sanchez with almost the same points. Michael Booth is just hanging on and we will see if he is going to be in Thailand for the ICF.

RankName CountryRacesPoints Change
1Donato FreensNED133872.97
2Ludovic TeuladeFRA92914.8
3Normen WeberGER102886.68
4Bruno HasulyoHUN82493.44↑2
5Christian AndersenDEN92835.77↓1
6Manuel LaubleGER112493.44↓1
7Blue EwerUK82366.06↑2
8Fernando PerezESP92277.64NEW
9Aaron SanchezESP82277.32NEW
10Michael BoothAUS62252.18↓3

Longdistance Women

The EURO SUP Longdistance race had no effect on the womens top ten only Iona Rivet and Claudia Postiglione changed places. The reason for this is that these women race consistently against each other through out the season.

RankName CountryRacesPoints Change
1Esperanza BarrerasESP103090.4
2Anna TschirkySUI132784.32
3Cecilia PampinellaITA102284.61
4Duna GordilloESP92261.7
5Tanja EckerGER71144.67
6Emma Freja PedersenDEN81063.89
7Juliette DuHaimeARG61053.44
8Candice ApplebyUSA61009.55
9Iona RivetFRA7956.05↑1
10Claudia PostiglioneITA7905.35↓1

Women Sprint

This is an interesting scenario: Melanie Lafenetre won the ISA Sprints in France and came into 6th rank the week prior, then she won the EURO SUP as well and moved up another 2 spots. Caroline Künztel how ever already had 360 points from her victory at the Agios on SUP in Greece from earlier in the season. Then she made 5th at the ISA and went to Florida to the ICF race and was 4th there. That gave her the edge over Melanies steep rise. If Caroline Küntzel wants to defend her top spot she will have to be faster at the ICF in Thailand than Melanie.

1Caroline KuntzelDEN3618.81↑1
2Melanie LafenetreFRA2611.75↑4
3Cecilia PampinellaITA3606.11
4Linda SyrovatkovaCZE5523.42↓4
5Iva DundovaCZE3452.25↓1
6Marta ApanasewiczPOL2404.95↓1
7Anna TschirkySUI2359.9↑2
8Lucie RaabCZE5302.1↓1
9Mariecarmen RiveraPUR1294.8↓1
10Skadi LangbeinGER2251.4

Men Sprint

The top three are untouched. Christian Andersen ws 2nd and Claudio Nika was 3rd in Portugal. The winner from Protugal Tomas Lacerda is sitting in the worlds top 11 spot. Most notable move is by one of the few eastern Europeans in the race scene: Ondej Petrak his 13th place moved him up 2 spots. He was also 13th at the ISA and before that he made podium at some smaller sprint races in his country.

1Christan AndersenDEN31140.71
2Claudio NikaITA31075.37
3Ollie HoughtonNZL2713.65
4Davide AlpinoITA2622.32NEW
5Ondej PetrakCZE4612.88↑2
6Noic GarioudFRA1589.6↓2
7Andrey KraitorBUL1576↓2
8Itzel DelgadoPER2571.65↓2
9Aaron SanchezESP2553.66NEW
10Blue EwerGBR3520NEW