French Open Downwind SUP Foil Race

The turn out at this years French Open Downwind SUP Foil race showed how rapidly the sport is growing. After the M2O this was the next SUP Downwind Race and only the second this year all together. Considering how difficult this sport is, having 53 starters is quite a number. If these are the top athletes we can only question how many more are out there that already mastering this sport.

The race attracted participants from all over the world. Even there were mostly French athletes, we did see some international names, such as the Australian Oscar Johannson who came second at the M2O this year. There were some of the Hawaiian stars like Jack Ho from Honolulu, Mateo Ell from Kauai and Cash Berzolla from Maui. We even spotted Steve Fleury from Switzerland on the result sheet. There was also Lukas Schuler from Germany and even one person from Denmark.


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One of the great things to see is how SUP Foiling is attracting athletes from the SUP community as well. We recognize Ludovic Teulade current world number 2 in SUP Longdistance. Both ladies in the race have their roots deep in the SUP Sport: Olivia Piana for example a longtime SUP athlete, world record holder in SUP Downwind Foiling and winner of the 2023 M2O. On her side was Amandine Chazot a known name in the SUP community, she won the Fort Boyard Longdistance race just a few weeks ago but was otherwise not very active this year.

Having this kind of participation shows the momentum this brand new sport has. We are looking forward to many more races like this and can only speculate if SUP Foiling is following the same path as regular SUP. (We save this topic for a later article.)

NameTeam nameTime run 1Time run 2Time run 3Total time
1Etienne FleureTahiti0:41:460:58:350:33:252:13:46
2Oskar JohanssonAustralia0:42:510:58:160:34:072:15:14
3Jack HoHawaï0:43:210:59:010:33:062:15:28
4Raiarii FadierTahiti0:43:520:59:540:33:062:16:52
5Mateo EllHawaï0:43:100:58:480:36:282:18:26
6Tom ConstantSud Ouest0:44:041:05:190:33:492:23:12
7Tom AubertNormandie0:46:021:03:230:37:482:27:13
8Thomas GoyardMéditerrannée0:47:131:03:290:37:122:27:54
9Alexandre JaninCalédonie0:45:081:04:470:39:312:29:26
10Cash BerzollaHawaii0:45:511:05:360:39:302:30:57
11Yann QuilfenBretagne0:46:261:08:260:38:122:33:04
12Romuald MamadouGuadeloupe0:50:351:09:290:36:502:36:54
13Paul RozierMéditerranée0:47:081:07:440:44:312:39:23
14Ludovic TeuladeSud Ouest – Suisse0:51:401:07:580:41:312:41:09
15Tiago CamposPortugal0:50:271:10:480:42:222:43:37
16Olivia PianaPortugal –
17Aidan NicholasNouvelle-Zélan de0:47:101:04:200:53:272:44:57
18Yoann CornelysBretagne0:48:111:12:570:44:062:45:14
19Greg ClosierBretagne0:49:561:13:000:42:372:45:33
20Boris JinvresseBretagne0:47:421:14:570:43:212:46:00
21François PrévostPays de la
22Richard BoudiaMéditerrannée0:49:351:13:330:46:002:49:08
23Chucho NonnotSud Ouest-Hollande0:46:571:12:420:50:132:49:52
24Jonathan MannPays Bas –
25Melvyn MouretGuadeloupe0:48:441:12:520:50:392:52:15
26Mickael NedellecBretagne0:49:571:13:370:49:432:53:17
27Alexandre RouysCalédonie0:57:131:16:140:41:362:55:03
28David FosterTahiti0:52:271:11:000:52:482:56:15
29Xavi MasdevallEspagne0:52:561:16:200:47:412:56:57
30Erwan PannetierSud Ouest0:55:121:15:450:51:133:02:10
31Albert AsenjoEspagne1:05:041:14:330:50:133:09:50
32Philippe AxmannMéditerranée0:51:321:12:051:06:213:09:58
33Amandine ChazotBretagne0:55:521:21:380:52:573:10:27
34Gilles BruzacMéditerrannée0:49:501:17:211:03:233:10:34
35Fred BonnefEspagne –
36Aday Cabrera MedinaTenerife – Espagne0:51:391:21:490:58:323:12:00
37Mathieu RaimonBretagne0:54:471:21:550:57:393:14:21
38Mathieu MautalenMéditerranée0:54:091:13:201:11:353:19:04
39Sibren TademaPays Bas – Hollande0:54:361:19:411:09:513:24:08
40Simeon KepalomaHawaï2:06:061:16:020:44:014:06:09
41Maxwell BourgeoisEtats Unis0:52:581:10:142:11:354:14:47
42Karsten KrongaardDanemark0:52:501:11:082:11:354:15:33
43Steeve FleurySuisse0:55:071:20:572:11:354:27:39
44Lukas SchulerAllemagne0:55:381:23:242:11:354:30:37
45Sam EsteveMéditerranée1:04:441:22:532:11:354:39:12
46Ruben Salvador
Mallorca –
47Marius AuberNormandie0:48:541:09:373:11:355:10:06
48Bastien EscofetPays de la Loire0:49:261:17:373:11:355:18:38
49Christophe GuerinBretagne0:56:081:14:583:11:355:22:41
50Laurent NevarezBretagne0:58:261:21:143:11:355:31:15
51Fred IstinBretagne1:00:091:48:163:11:356:00:00
52William VernackPays de la
53Erwan TabarlyBretagne3:06:061:19:563:11:357:37:37