Paris Nautic Crossing Cancelled

We might be a bit late with these news, but we have not picked up any kind of message about the popular SUP Race in France. As it turns out in the boating world this is old news, but the Paris Nautique Boat Show is cancelled for this year and postponed till October 2024 pending a new location. With the lack of news surrounding the popular Nautique Paris SUP Crossing we must strongly assume that this race is not happening this year.

This is one of the longest standing SUP Race in the world. This picture is from 2014.

If you google the matter you will find multiple news article dating from March 2023:

Le Nautic, the Paris Boat Show, which was to take place in Paris in 2023, has been postponed to mid-October 2024 at a new venue. The Fédération Française de l’Industrie Nautique (FIN) has decided to review the event’s schedule in order to allow it to regain its momentum and find a new horizon in Greater Paris. This decision was taken at the end of the FIN General Assembly.

Despite 150,000 visitors at the last edition, the boat show has seen a significant drop in attendance, from 300,000 visitors before the health crisis to 150,000. This has prompted FIN to review the show’s formula.
The new Nautic will be shorter, positioned in mid-October to create an indoor and outdoor event in Greater Paris, close to the Seine. The FIN also wants to use the momentum of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games to give the show a new impetus. In addition, it will only last six days in October, compared to nine days for the 2021 edition and eight days in 2022, probably from Tuesday to Sunday inclusive, to avoid being faced with a strike or bad weather in December.

The choice of a new venue will also reduce rental costs and offer a different experience for visitors. The date is set for October 2024, in the Greater Paris area, with, let’s hope, the great return of the stands of windsurfing brands and board sports in general, which were largely absent from the last editions… It remains to be seen what will happen to Nautic Paddle, the traditional SUP event on the Seine, whose fate was closely linked to this show.”

Source: Windsurf Journal

“The duration of the show is also shortened, previously 9 days. Finally, the organization indicates that it wants to create an in and outdoor event, which implies leaving Paris. Does this mean that boats could be exhibited on the water with the possibility of being tested?”

Source: Boatnews

If you google the matter you can find lots of news, but not a single word about the SUP Race. If you use the search terms like “Paris Nautic SUP Crossing” there are no info’s to be found about 2023.

This leaves us to the speculation and strong belief that we will not see the popular race return this year and it might not even return at all, if the organizers of the Boat Show are looking for a new venue all together.

We hope to find out more and will keep our readers informed.