Wingfoiling One Design Class introduced

Foiling Week Organizes Successful Inaugural X-15 Class Wingfoiling Event at Lake Garda

Lake Garda, 2-5 July, 2023 – Foiling Week, the premier organization promoting and advancing the multiple disciplines of foiling sports, recently hosted the highly anticipated X-15 Class Wingfoiling Event at Lake Garda. This groundbreaking event brought together 15 talented entrants from six countries, showcasing the global appeal and excitement surrounding wingfoiling.

Under the expert guidance of race director Mirco Babini, the event kicked off with a thrilling long-distance course spanning the picturesque Lake Garda. The riders faced a multitude of challenges, including varying wind strengths, unexpected wind shifts, and even heavy rain. Despite these obstacles, the competition was fierce and captivating.

Emerging as the victor was the outstanding wingfoiler Clément Colmas from France, showcasing his exceptional skills and determination. A notable mention goes to 14-year-old Viktor Loof from Norway, who held the lead for the majority of the race, impressing the audience with his talent and potential.

The second day witnessed an exciting change in conditions, with sunny and windy weather prevailing. The racecourse was adjusted to a rectangular format, creating a thrilling and fast-paced environment for the riders. Each of the seven heats lasted between 6 and 8 minutes, leaving little room for error.

In a display of unwavering skill and determination, Clément Colmas continued his winning streak, securing the overall victory. Viktor Loof claimed a well-deserved second place, while Daniel Wilson from the UK demonstrated his prowess to secure third place.

Throughout the event, the participants had access to a comprehensive range of X-15 gear, enabling them to optimize their performance. The favored choice among the riders was the X-15 Class board paired with the Martin Fisher 820 front wing and the 200 tail wing, set at a 0.5 mm shim. This winning combination provided stability, efficiency, and precision, perfectly catering to the demanding upwind and downwind conditions.

Furthermore, the wing quiver offered riders the freedom to select from the small 3m FreeWing PRO v2 up to the 6.7m option, based on their preferences and the prevailing wind conditions. Despite the lighter winds experienced at Lake Garda during this period, competitors wisely opted for the 6.7m option, given its performance advantages. The FreeWing PRO V2’s innovative center batton and adjustable power system for sail timing on the fly distinguished it as a favorite among the riders, providing a stable and efficient feel.

With the overwhelming success of the X-15 Class Wingfoiling Event at Lake Garda, the attention now turns to the next stop on the tour: Scheweningen, Holland. Scheduled for July 15-16, this upcoming event promises to deliver another thrilling display of wingfoiling excellence.

For more information and updates on the X-15 Class tour, please visit or follow X-15 Class on social media @x15class (Facebook, Instagram and Threads).

Overall Results:

  1. Clément Colmas – France
  2. Viktor Loof – Norway
  3. Dan Wilson – Great Britan
  4. Ludovico Parmeggiani – Italy
  5. Antoine Gardais – France
  6. David Martin – Germany
  7. Dan Arnon – Israel
  8. Julian Koldeweid – Netherlands
  9. Julian Choquenet Marmorale – Italy
  10. Sebastiano Ghione – Italy
  11. Leo Frost Germany – Germany
  12. Svein Rasmussen – Norway
  13. Riccardo Piana – Italy
  14. Johann Richter – Germany

About Foiling Week:

Foiling Week is a leading organization dedicated to promoting and advancing the foiling sports. Through organizing world-class events and fostering a global community, Foiling Week plays a vital role in the growth and development of this exhilarating watersport.

About X-15 Class:

Named in appreciation of Jim Drake, the X-15 Class is the first one-design wing foil class by Starboard and FreeWing. One-design is popularised in sailing as it promotes a level playing field for fair racing, while also keeping the sporting more affordable and accessible as athletes don’t have to update gear often and prevents expensive, technologically advanced equipment from determining the outcome. May the best rider win!