Molokai Holokai big success results and recap

A historic event with a surprising podium.

The Molokai Holokai turned out to be an epic event. These two days are more than just a race: They are an experience. On day one we started with the M2Molokai Challenge and crossed the Pailolo Channel into Molokai waters. The race course is 27miles long and is not only the best downwind course on the planet it is also the most beautiful one.

In this video we are giving you guys the highlight of the race and analyze the new sport of SUP Downwind Foiling as well as the somewhat surprising results.


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Men SUP Foil

The story in these results lay in the fact the we had a somewhat of a a dark horse winning this crossing: Kane De Wilde just clipped the one hour forty mark beating the two favorites in this race, Kai Lenny and James Casey. Both of them are very experienced in ocean SUP racing and are at the forefront of foiling. In fact we don’t need to mention that is was Kai Lenny that showed the world what is all possible. Therefore these results come a bit as a surprise and will ad to the fuel to the rematch in the Kaiwi Channel at the end of July.

PlaceNameTimeDifference% Back
1Kane De Wilde1:39:44.3
2Andrew Gibbons1:40:22.0+0:37.7+0.63%
3Edoardo Tanas1:41:01.7+1:17.4+1.29%
4James Casey1:43:40.5+3:56.2+3.95%
5Kai Lenny1:43:53.6+4:09.3+4.17%
6Eric Sterman1:50:09.7+10:25.4+10.45%
7Oskar Johansson1:50:30.1+10:45.8+10.79%
8Aidan Nicholas1:50:42.7+10:58.4+11.00%
9Armie Armstrong1:50:52.0+11:07.7+11.16%
10Dave Kalama1:51:25.2+11:40.9+11.71%
11Ben Tardrew1:51:27.7+11:43.4+11.75%
12Cody Cornett1:51:57.1+12:12.8+12.25%
13Nick Kapule1:51:57.4+12:13.1+12.25%
14Marcus Tardrew1:52:12.0+12:27.7+12.49%
15Jonathan Hagan1:52:12.7+12:28.4+12.51%
16Tom Constant1:52:30.7+12:46.4+12.81%
17Jeffrey Spencer1:53:37.0+13:52.7+13.91%
18Joshua Ku1:54:36.8+14:52.5+14.91%
19Shep Nelson1:56:12.2+16:27.9+16.51%
20Kai Thompson2:02:46.1+23:01.8+23.09%
21Simeon Ke-Paloma2:02:46.5+23:02.2+23.10%
22Dave Kissane2:03:46.2+24:01.9+24.09%
23Tiago Campos2:03:57.6+24:13.3+24.29%
24Jesse Yonover2:08:59.0+29:14.7+29.32%
25Craig Correa2:09:05.7+29:21.4+29.43%
26Dylan Primrose2:11:28.8+31:44.5+31.82%
27Kevin Fujimoto2:13:12.9+33:28.6+33.56%
28Tre Hendricks2:15:56.2+36:11.9+36.29%
29Heimana Chene2:16:21.5+36:37.2+36.72%
30Kahi Pacarro2:16:54.9+37:10.6+37.27%
31Casey Markham2:16:55.3+37:11.0+37.28%
32Dylan Henry2:17:21.2+37:36.9+37.71%
33John Irons2:18:13.8+38:29.5+38.59%
34Chance Fielder2:27:15.6+47:31.3+47.65%
35Mala’e McElheny2:36:00.1+56:15.8+56.41%
36Fred Bonnef2:44:01.5+1:04:17.2+64.46%


In the ladies competition it was a close finish between Maui local Annie Reickert and Olivia Piana. Olivia came to cross the Pailolo Channel for the first time and missed the victory by only 8 seconds. Third on podium was Gabirella Bella another Maui local with great talent. Andrea Moller, who is not only a M2O champ but also a WSL XXL Award winnter came in fourth. Last in the pack was Rachel Bruntsch. We are looking forward to see many more girls participation in this very young sport.

PlaceNameTimeDifference% Back% Winning
1Annie Reickert2:02:02.9100%
2Olivia Piana2:02:11.3+0:08.4+0.11%99.89%
3Gabriella Bella2:04:38.4+2:35.5+2.12%97.92%
4Andrea Moller2:10:29.1+8:26.2+6.91%93.53%
5Rachel Bruntsch2:45:11.6+43:08.7+35.35%73.88%

Wingfoil Men

If you want to talk fast times then the wingfoiling was the division. Going +/- 27 minles in one and a quarter hour is crazy fast. That is an average of 21mph or in 35kmh.

PlaceNameTimeDifference% Back% Winning
1Finn Spencer1:14:44.8100%
2Bobo Gallagher1:16:38.6+1:53.8+2.54%97.53%
3Livio Menelau1:33:15.7+18:30.9+24.77%80.15%
4Alan Cadiz1:40:59.7+26:14.9+35.12%74.01%
5Derek Hama1:41:24.5+26:39.7+35.67%73.71%
6Fellipe Valadao1:49:27.4+34:42.6+46.44%68.29%
7Robert Stehlik1:49:35.8+34:51.0+46.62%68.20%
8Kyle Mackie1:50:54.4+36:09.6+48.38%67.40%
9Zane Kekoa Schweitzer1:54:23.3+39:38.5+53.03%65.34%
10Eli Maioho1:54:27.3+39:42.5+53.12%65.31%
11Jon McCabe1:57:42.7+42:57.9+57.48%63.50%
12Alex Aguera2:08:46.8+54:02.0+72.29%58.04%
13Giampaolo Cammarota2:12:58.5+58:13.7+77.90%56.21%
14Javier Barberi2:13:20.2+58:35.4+78.38%56.06%
15Andy Forquer2:13:55.5+59:10.7+79.17%55.81%
16Dirk Koeppenkastrop2:14:40.6+59:55.8+80.18%55.50%
17Seth Womble2:15:33.9+1:00:49.1+81.37%55.14%
18Arthur Wible2:17:22.1+1:02:37.3+83.78%54.41%
19Jamie Brown2:23:07.9+1:08:23.1+91.49%52.22%
20Matthew Hume2:34:17.6+1:19:32.8+106.42%48.44%
21Josh Tamaoka2:34:42.7+1:19:57.9+106.98%48.31%
22Makalii Andrade2:34:47.2+1:20:02.4+107.08%48.29%
23Adam Finn2:35:55.4+1:21:10.6+108.60%47.94%
24Adam Quandt2:41:28.8+1:26:44.0+116.04%46.29%
25John Amundson2:45:29.7+1:30:44.9+121.41%45.17%
26Ty Udell3:06:03.0+1:51:18.2+148.91%40.18%
27Robert Perkins3:08:53.4+1:54:08.6+152.71%39.57%
28Daniel Ellis3:09:54.4+1:55:09.6+154.07%39.36%

Wingfoil Women

PlaceNameTimeDifference% Back
1Cynthia Brown1:49:33.6
2Nani Dalene1:51:10.6+1:37.0+1.48%
3Tatiana Grant2:14:52.6+25:19.0+23.11%
4Emma Yuen2:32:35.4+43:01.8+39.28%
5Anna Kalabukhova2:34:11.9+44:38.3+40.74%

Personal notes

This line is nothing to be proud of. Sadly my gear was too small for the weak winds mid channel. My daughter and I had problems staying on foil. The only way to keep going for me was to keep the sail powered on and I was forced to do a straight crossing. Once I reached coastal waters the winds kept getting stronger and on the bottom half of the island the wind really picked up for a few miles until it died down again. I used a 4m2 sail in combination with a 925cm2 front foil the wind mid channel was sub 20kts. Sloane was on a 3.5m2 sail with a 625cm2 front foil and she was not able to fly in this weak of wind. I was very close myself to call it the quits but eventually managed to muscle my self across and reach stronger winds.

After the famous Kamalo buoy the wind was at its strongest and it was finally fun again. Thanks to my daughter I got this picture.