SUP World Rankings Agios on SUP and Namur Update

We had a particularly busy weekend with the EURO TOUR in Belgium and the Agios on SUP as an ICF SUP World Cup on Crete. It was nice to see, that other an always having longdistance races Agios on SUP featured also Tech. Races and Sprint. With his we had quite some movement in the top 10 rankings. Lets for once start with the sprint.

Sprint Women

We see quite a bit of a shake up due to the sprint in Greece. The new ladies on the list all stem from their results at the Agios on SUP. Caroline Küntzel is a sprinter and her win got her right into 2nd place but with that race being her first it was not enough to get her to the top. She missed it by 10.25 points. Also new on the list is Emily Evans, she gained her points at the Falmouth Bay Open a race by GBSUP.

1Linda SyrovatkaCZE3333.5
2Caroline KuntzelDEN1323.75NEW
3Iva DundovaCZE2294.25↓1
4Cecilia PampinellaITA1259NEW
5Lucie RaabCZE3246.76↓2
6Juliette DuHaimeARG1207.2NEW
7Irene NeegreeTHA1197.75↓3
8Marta ApanasewiczPOL1168.35NEW
9Paninee PromsenTHA1158.2↓3
10Emily EvansGBR1154NEW

Sprint Men

Andrei Kraitor won the sprint in Greece and got to the World Ranking 1st place. It was also Andreis’ first big win on an international stage. By looking at the new entries into the top 10 you are pretty much looking at the ranks from Agios on SUP.

1Andrei  KraitorBUL1518NEW
2Filippo MercuraliITA1453.25NEW
3Christian AndersenDEN1401.45NEW
4Davide AlpinoITA1349.65NEW
5Daniel HasulyoHUN1316.4↓5
6Paolo MarconiITA1310.8NEW
7Claudio NikaITA1284.9NEW
8Itzel DelgadoPER1276.85↓6
9Roman KlepacCZE2269.84↓6
10Vadim KorobovLTU1259NEW

Tech. Race Women

With her 3rd place at the Agios on SUP Cecilia clawed her self back to the top spot. She is now also 3 races ahead of Esperanza Barreras. The real mover upper was Julitte DuHaime who won the Tech. Race in Greece, as well as Caroline Küntzel. The season here is not over but with the few Tech. Races out there we might not see too much movement in lower end of the Top 10.

1Cecilia PampinellaITA71488.19↑1
2Esperanza BarrerasESP41289.75↓1
3Anna TschirkySUI5869.55
4Juliette DuHaimeARG3835↑5
5Caroline KuntzelDEN3771.8↑3
6Fiona WyldeUSA2660↓2
7Claudio PostiglioneITA5627.52↓2
8Duna GordilloESP2619↓2
9Melanie LafenetreFRA2559↓2
10Skadi LangbeinGER3473.6

Tech. Race Men

The mover of the week here is Christian Andersen. He showed us in Greece on what a good racer her is. Moveing up 4 spots to world number one. Davide Alpino also made a big move with his 3rd place at Agois on SUP now ranking top 3 of the world. Both new names Andrei Kaitor and Claudio Nika entered to top 10 due to great results this weekend.

1Christian AndersenDEN51747.2↑4
2Ollie HoughtonNZL51580.29↓1
3Davide AlpinoITA51479.85↑6
4Donato FreensNED41459.1↓2
5Ludvic TeuladeFRA41299.54↓2
6Blue EwerGBR41282.76↓2
7Andrey KraitorBUL51228.88NEW
8Shuri ArakiJPN21180↓2
9Claudio NikaITA41153.41NEW
10Connor BaxterUSA21152↓3

Women Longdistance

Interestingly enough non of the results at the EURO TOUR in Belgium or the Agios on SUP made a difference in the women ranking. The only big news is that thanks to her victory in Namur, Peronella van Malsen is now 6th in the world.

1Esperanza BarrerasESP72266.7
2Anna TschirkySUI81893.02
3Cedilia PampinellaITA71815.1
4Duna GordilloESP61397.9
5Candice ApplebyUSA5837.75
6Peronella van MalsenNED5824.21NEW
7Susanne Eder-MeyerGER6795.49↓1
8Iona RivetFRA5770.6↓1
9Claudio PostiglioneITA5762.39↓1
10Tanja EckerGER5754.05

Men Longdistance

It is easy to say that with is 2nd EURO TOUR victory, Donato Freens has solidified his top spot. He now leads with a big margin over the rest of the field. In fact it looks like its only him and Kealan Lockhart that are staying busy with races. Ludovic Teulade has not been racing in a while and we have not seen any big moves by Noic Garioud either. We are past the mid season point and unless Donato stops racing all together it will be almost impossible to catch him.

Congratulations also to Christian Anderson to his victory in Greece which put in im the 4th position as of this week.

RankName countryRacesPoints change
1Donato FreensNED93082.65
2Ludovic TeuladeFRA52039.7
3Bruno HasulioHUN51886.63
4Christian AndersonDEN61838.04NEW
5Noic GarioudFRA31826.8↓1
6Kaelan LockhartAUS81748.2↑1
7Normen WeberGER61730.68↓2
8Davide AlpinoITA51663.05NEW
9Michael BoothAUS41547.9↓3
10Bodie von AlmenUSA61487.08↓2