Berlin SUP Race Results EURO TOUR

The Berlin SUP Race marked the 10th stop of the EURO TOUR 2023. As a regional race the participation was as expected smaller than usually. It was however great to see that the German elite was on location pretty much in its entirety. We did miss a few names such as Tanja Eckert on the Ladies side.

Anna Tschirky won the race with a clear margin and has been on every podium this year.

Anna described her win like this:

Couldn’t be happier to finish one intense month of racing with a victory in the 12km race yesterday where we did four laps in pretty hot conditions. Luckily I could handle the heat well and was able to push as of it was 10 degrees colder (my preferred racing conditions). I think coming straight from hot Crete definitely helped! With a margin of more than 4 minutes I paddled everything by myself and tried to push as hard as possible one last time and not get overtaken by the guys which worked out. The event was very well run and everything on time, big thanks to 030.sup.papa and EURT TOUR the whole crew also amazing to see the juniors battling hard and giving their best on their home race.


1Anna Tschirky1:18:50SUIElite W
2Susanne Lier1:23:13BRDElite Master
3Emma Freja Pedersen1:26:23DENElite W
4Katarzyna Zarembik1:28:12POLElite W
5Tinka Thusche1:29:13BRDElite Junior
6Emilia Daszewska1:29:36POLElite Junior


The podium was decided within seconds. Normen Weber, who is with out a doupt Germanys fastest paddler, won with only 5 seconds a head of Asper Smidt. The junior was to this day a lesser know name and was for sure a dark horse in this race. He beat Ole Schwarz, who is normally right behind Normen, but less than a board length. What a finish that must have been. Then only 7 seconds after already came Hermann Husslein another great German paddler, even he starts under the Thailand flag.

In the Kahuna class it was once again Peter Weidert who kept up with the Elite class.

PlaceNameTime Country Div
1Norman Weber1:13:34BRDElite M
2Asger Smidt1:13:39DENElite Junior
3Ole Schwarz1:13:41BRDElite M
4Hermann Husslein1:13:48THAElite M
5Kaelan Lockhart1:14:02AUSElite M
6Peter Weidert1:14:42BRDElite Kahuna
7Marlon Daskiran1:16:26BRDElite Junior
8Gerd Weisner1:17:43BRDElite Kahuna
9Lasse-Niklas Sauerteig1:18:04BRDElite M
10Thomas Straubel1:18:46BRDElite Kahuna
11Tomas Lelovits1:19:12SLOElite Master
12Tille Kuhlmeyer1:21:34BRDElite M
13Javier Gonzalez1:23:59ESPElite Junior
14Anton Birkicht1:25:04BRDElite Junior
15Carsten Kurmins1:25:38BRDElite Kahuna
16Enrico Völzke1:26:43BRDElite Kahuna
17Steven Knorr1:27:23BRDElite Master
18Toni Peuker1:29:03BRDElite M
19Hagen Rothe1:30:32BRDElite M
20Jonas Teichert1:37:24BRDElite Junior
21Lars Honscha1:37:48BRDElite Junior