For sure it is the most advanced technology available. The PARADOXA is build in real prepreg autoclave manufacturing process. This is the most environmental friendly, most durable and most lightweight way to build high end aeronautique, formular racing equipment.


The PARADOXA is not wet laminated, the fibers are pure unidirectional carbon layers. There is no fiberglas, gelcoat or lacquer necessary to seal the construction. As a result it is super lightweight, durable with less flex than any other construction bringing all your paddle power to drive you forward.

But this is not why we claim “is this the most sexiest SUPRACEBOARD in the world?”. It is the magic shape! The entry is sharp and finds the right golden ratio in the front 3rd part to release into fast and stable stance area. It subtles from a round part into slight concave, into a plan area with sharp edges to release the water with less turbulences. The wide tail offers lot ́s of stability and ease in handling at buoy turns. The stance area is below waterline and this features gives more leverage to your blade plus even more stability. This works as we have invented a drainage valve system. The rocker line is unique and you will realize once you can observe. LIGHTBOARDCORP® is well known for very compeNNve boards such as the SIGNATURE models which need skills in handling, but as we always mention:” The longer you use, the faster you get!” Now with the PARADOXA we designed a series of boards that will equipe our pro team to drive results, but also makes the army of amateurs a threat to proven top racers.