Wing Foiling Product review Winghier wings

The Winghier 4m wing is a really good wing that is suitable for most conditions. We were riding the wing in rather low winds in conditions around 8 – 10 knots and were able to pump up on foil rather quick. (Foil setup: 1225cm2 front wing / 75l board / 75kg rider) On the top end we felt comfortable with this wing up to 18 Knots then it started to become a bit too big for the strong wind.

As far as quality goes, we really like the carbon handles, they feel very comfortable on the hands and along with a stiff center strut this wing felt very stiff and responsive. The material over all is very sturdy and durable. The mini batons built into the trailing edge reduce fluttering and supports upwind riding quality.

  • Weight: More Lighter Weight. WINGHIER Coacher Wing is suitable for a wide range of people and friendly to women and children. Small two windows design.
  • Handle: Simple handles. The carbon handle is super easy to spin around and makes jibbing smoother.
  • Structure:  More powerful, construction Solid. Has a lot of power from the start. This is very good to get going on to foil early.
  • Stability:  Good stability. Easier to control, very stable in gusty conditions.
  • Bright Color
  • Size: 4.0m/5.0m/6.0m, suit for most people
  • PSI*: 7psi – 8psi
  • Package:  Carry bag*1 | Winghier surf wing 4.0m/5.0/6.0m*1 | Wrist leash*1

In this video we are unboxing the wing and taking it out to test. One thing we really like to emphasize is that if you are a beginner, taking your wing out on a road and learning to handle the wing with a Skatesurfer is really beneficial. You will be able to practice maneuvers, learn how to do hand changes and how the wing feels over all. We can only recommend it.


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