SUP World Rankings weekly

We are posting weekly and updated top 10 list of the world rankings. Besides the longdistance category there were no changes in Tech. Race and Sprint. The biggest news this week is the dominance of Esperanza Barreras now leading by almost double the points in longdistance. She will be extremely hard to beat this hear.

On the men side. Donato Freens can be very happy right now he is the world number one with 3 races completed, but do have Noic Garioud starting to come from behind. His first win this year in Sevilla gave him 523..2 points putting him on rank 16 and we are sure after one more race he will be in the top 10.

Men LD after EURO TOUR Sevilla

1Donato FreensNED31220.56↑1
2Bodiie von AlmenUSA51125.93↑1
3Ludovic TeuladeFRA21009.6↓2
4Christian AndersenDEN3881.2↑4
5Normen WeberGER3841.35↓1
6Bruno HasulyoHUN2743.88new
7Danny ChingUSA3742.85↓2
8Aaron SanchezESP2731.12new
9Davide AlpinoITA2695.2↓3
10Dan MillerCAN4675.69↓3

Men LD after EURO TOUR Sevilla

2Anna TschirkySUI2524.28↑3
3Duna GordilloESP2500new
4Candice ApplebyUSA4473.75↓2
5Soryn PrestonUSA2453.39↓2
6Cecilia PampinellaITA2410.8↓2
7Iona RivetFRA2332.4new
8Erika RevilFRA2296.04new
9Claudia PostiglioneITA2290.72↓3
10Yuan YouciCHN1279↓3

There were no changes in Tech. Races and Sprint. You can find the world rankings as of April 10th right here.