Pump Foil World Record Attempt in Switzerland

Flatwater pump foiling is by far the most underrated aspect of foiling. We talk about foiling in waves, wing foiling anyways and foiling behind boats but flat water pump foiling had not found its way into many foiling and water sports publication. Not many brands are paying attention to the rapidly growing facet of the foil sport.

Not so in Zürich: The community of pump foilers is growing fast and this weekend they had enough people to attempt a world record:

Zurich, Switzerland – Pump foiling enthusiasts gathered in Zurich on the 15th April to attempt to break the world record for the largest number of pumpfoilers pumping simultaneously. The event, organised by Zeno Davatz, was the first of its kind and was a complete success, attracting spectators and supporters despite the bad weather forecast.


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Zeno obtained all the necessary permits and worked tirelessly to ensure that everything ran smoothly. Meanwhile, Katrin Kolo provided the start signals and catering to keep the participants fueled and focused.

A total of 28 Pumpfoilers took part in the historic attempt, which lasted from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. The aim was to have the most Pumpfoilers pumping at the same time, and it appears that a record has been set, pending official confirmation.

Zeno thanked Res for having the idea for that pumpfoiling world record attempt, all the participants, organisers, photographers, drone pilots and spectators for their contribution to the success of the historic event. He said the event was a testament to the passion and dedication of the pump foiling community and hoped it would inspire more people to take up the sport.

The official results of the world record attempt are expected to be announced shortly.

Whatever the outcome, the event was a celebration of the thrill and excitement of pump foiling and a testament to the growing popularity of the sport.


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