Is the wing foil industry on the wrong path?

In this video we have to discuss how the image of wing foiling is being brought to the consumers. The sport once was advertised as very accessible. We were all excited because of foiling we are now having fun in otherwise bad waves. Wing foiling can be done in very light winds and the rider still gets the feeling of speed and agility. The industry was very optimistic as companies were looking to gain more customers.

A few years later it appears that the industry is going down the same path as the wind surfing industry did back in the 90ties. The ironic part of this all is, that the companies in wind surfing are mostly the same as the wing and foil companies.

Wing foiling is getting more and more abstract and the level of performance has gone very high in a very short time, while at the same time we are still trying to explain the sport to new comers. This has over time created a discrepancy, that is most visible in foiling publications. Advertisers need to show off their achievements in the development of the latest gear with team riders doing maneuvers that the recreational guy can’t relate to anymore.

How ever, the entire industry is trying to get more customers and getting more people into the sport. Meanwhile the bar is getting higher and higher and one might wonder if the entry level person is even wanting to attempt to learn this new sport when all they see is content that is so far out of reach.

In this video we are discussing exactly just that and like to invite our readers to be part of the discussion.


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