SUP Downwind Foiling Evolution

We just witnessed the next step in the evolution of Downwind Foiling with Kai Lenny’s post. SUP Downwind Foiling has been a thing for quite a while now here on Maui. It was Dave Kalama experimenting with Downwind SUP Foilboards. The shape he came up with had to be in a certain way in order to make it easier for the paddler to get a release from the water surface to transition into the flight mode. That was pretty much the first step. Now Dave Kalama is no longer alone with his shape.

Now we see KT Surfing coming out with a similar shape and Kai Lenny is introducing the board at the Maliko Run.

We believe that this is just the beginning, this kind of board will make Downwind SUP Foiling more accessible to the average athlete and eventually transition into the flat water space. Soon enough there will be a market big enough to start production boards like this. Then the flat water paddlers will realize they can do downwinders at their local lakes and soon after that the first Flat Water SUP Foil Race will be born.

The future just began:


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