Speed Limits for foilers

We are currently following this story in Germany where one of the Bundesländer (Sachsen) has decided to impose a speed limit for any crafts that have a foil on it. If it wasn’t April Fools we would think it is. The officials for this Bundesland claim that with a foil the speed can top 50km/h and therefore is too dangerous. However we all know that the only guys getting into this kind of speed range on a foil are the tow in guys in BIG waves. Guys like Kai Lenny are getting towed into waves in the 20 – 30 meter range and then use mostly front foils of 500cm2. No normal person could wing with a foil like this in low winds. So what they are claiming is pretty much physically impossible.

Right now there is a petition that we ask all of you to sign to put a stop to this nonsense.

Help our wing friends and sign this petition: