Flatwater Pumpfoiling is the future

We are just at the beginning in one of the most exciting aspects of foiling: Flat Water Pumping. Once you open your eyes it will be hard to understand why everybody is still sleeping.

In this video we meet Devon Manz. He is an engineer from up-state New York and a passionate pump foiler. On his youtube channel @foiling NY he takes a very scientific approach comparing foils by looking at glide ratios. Devon has no a history in any kind of surfing sports.

This is exactly where his story meets my point: You don’t need to be a surfer kind of person to get hooked on foiling and learn how to do it. You don’t even need a wave or wind. All you need is your imagination and the will to give it a try.

We will continue to follow Flatwater Foiling and highlight its potential to be a competitive sport one day.


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If you follow the video you will see a part in which we even have some idea on how to completely negate the dock start to make it even easier for beginners.