Virtual World Stand Up Paddling Challenge

We had brought up the topic of Virtual SUP Races again and again. It started with the idea of the M2O organizers last year. The M2O became a huge success as a virtual race and after that other SUP races followed suit with a virtual version.

The idea of a permanent, worldwide virtual SUP race series began to take root in some people’s minds. Even the APP Tour did a virtual “Speed Challenge” via Instagram and crowned the SUP Surf World Champion via Instagram videos. So why not expand it a bit and give the SUP world a platform where you can compete against each other in a serious way.

Just such an idea has now been presented to us by Austrian SUP pioneer Mario Lach:


Grab a SUP board and take part in one of the Virtual World Stand Up Paddling Challenges – No matter WHEN & WHERE – Paddle on the given distances to compete virtually against your SUP friends or improve your personal best time, training times. Directly after paddling your result will be visible in the viRACE app with ranking.


viRACE is an app that for the first time allows paddlers to participate in a “virtual” event. It can be used as a compensation offer after cancellation of an event, as a training tool or simply for fun by all paddlers – live updates regarding the intermediate results of the other participants and the marked favorites are given directly to the ears via the headphones. There are also route-specific announcements for additional motivation during the challenge.

Timing, registration and tracking is handled directly via the app. In addition, there is the possibility of a GPX upload via the website

How does it work?

To participate in the SUP Challenge:

1. Get your self a Raceticket
2. Download the viRACE App for Android & iOS on your smartphone
3. Log in to the viRace app with your account – you create your login when you buy your race ticket
4. Pick your challenge and let’s start the race!

TIP: Take your smartphone & headphones with you on the water for your live updates – so you are always acoustically informed about your split times, as well as rankings of your friends – in addition, there are even more features!

Included in your sign up fee:

  • Access to the viRACE app with ranking & time measurement
  • Start number (printable)
  • Certificate (printable)

We are for safety & fairness in sports – every participant has to make sure that his health and physical constitution meets the requirements to participate in the respective virtual competitions. Virtual competitions are held according to the respective federations in the countries or the ISA & APP rules!)

More info| Mario Lach | | Tel. +43 699 183 292 33