SUP Tradeshow now only for Canoe

We still remember the news article from November 17, 2020. At that time, it was about who will probably take over the legacy of the Paddle EXPO in Nuremberg. We had 3 applicants, two of them in Germany. Now the first applicant has withdrawn.

The Paddle Board Expo (PBX) in Kassel will now take place under the name Paddledays and will NOT address the SUP industry.

This is the official message of the organizers:

Dear ladies and gentlemen, canoe and SUP manufacturers, importers, dealers and visitors,we planned from 23.09. -25.09.2021, as a continuation of the Paddelexpo, to hold the PADDLE-BOARD-EXPO Fachbesuchermese in Kassel.

In the meantime, there have been open announcements, of a total of three new canoe & SUP trade shows, which has led to uncertainty in the industry. In our opinion, there is too great a risk of fragmentation.

Meanwhile, the largest association of canoe importers and manufacturers , the Bundesverband Kanu, has asked us to organize a pure trade visitor fair for the canoe&kayak industry. We have complied with this request.

We are convinced that the German-speaking canoe trade needs ONE event where the important market participants are represented. Thus, we will organize the canoe trade fair PADDLEDAYS on 25 and 26.09.2021 in Kassel.

The new format is supported by the leading German suppliers. A significant proportion of international exhibitors and customers have also already signaled their participation.

The focus is clearly on the topic of canoe-kayak accessories.main visitor group is the canoe trade, as well as canoe tourism businesses and canoe schools.

The latest products related to kayaks, canoes, surfski`s, folding and inflatable boats, paddle clothing, accessories and equipment will be presented.

Thus, the planned Paddle-Board-Expo will not take place in its originally planned form. We would like to thank everyone who supported our project and hope to see you at the PADDLEDAYS in Kassel. More information about the PADDLEDAYS in the near future under: