Tarifa Wing Pro 2020

Co-founder of the Globalwingsports Assocciation Jörgen Vogt told me in a conversation that the best way to get established is to create facts. That is exactly what is being done rght now. With another successful event in Tarifa, photos and results of the “Grassroots” Tour are delivering these facts.

With Olivia Piana, the first athlete from the SUP sport has also found her way onto the podium in the new sport. She is the first international SUP athlete ever to compete in a wingsport event

These are the results and recap from the Tarifa Wing Pro 2020:

Men surf/freestyle

  1. Balz Müller (Switzerland)
  2. Titouan Galea (New Caledonia)
  3. Maxime Chabloz (Switzerland)
  4. Fernando Novaes (Brazil)


  1. Eva Wyss (Switzerland)
  2. Laura Rudolph (Switzerland)
  3. Olivia Piana (France)
  4. Paula Novotna (Czech Republic)

Surf Race Men

  1. Titouan Galea


  1. Olivia Piana

Expression Session Men

  1. Titouan Galea
  2. Maxime Chabloz
  3. Balz Müller


  1. Olivia Piana
  2. Eva Wyss
  3. Paula Novotna

Recap day 3

Surf-Race discipline and an expression session were held today at Balneario Beach in Tarifa


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It was another perfect day of poniente wind in Tarifa today for Day Three of competition. The windspeed increased in the early afternoon, and by 3pm the conditions were suitable to compete, starting with a wing foil race.

There were 19 participants who took part in the triangular course surf-race that included a downwind surf leg, in difficult, choppy conditions. From the start, Titouan Galea shot through the start line and kept a consistent lead from his competitors. Maxime Chabloz managed to hold the 2nd spot throughout. Olivia Piana showed some solid racing experience, and was close behind them until she crashed, but managed to recover, finishing in 8th overall position. The final results were:

  • 1st Titouan Galea
  • 2nd Maxime Chabloz
  • 3rd Balz Muller
  • 4th Francesco Capuzzo

After a short break, the action continued with an expression session.

The judging criteria was overall impression with both surf and freestyle counting.

The first men’s heat saw Titouan Galea,Maxime Chabloz and Michael Näf advancing, with the riders showing amazing skill in both the surfing and freestyle categories.

For the second men’s heat it was Balz Müller who took the lead by landing an extremely clean array of tricks throughout the 12 minute heat. Fernando Novaes showed great skill in the surf category, riding with smoothness and style, and he advanced together with Francesco Cappuzzo, who also pulled together a great heat.

During the final, all six riders performed an amazing combination of tricks. There was speed, height and amplitude throughout. There was amazing surfing, as well as technical freestyle tricks. All six contenders put on an incredible performance, showing us just how fast this sport is evolving. The results from this competition will be announced during the prize giving ceremony tomorrow.

For the women’s expression session, we saw Olivia Piana, Paula Novotna, Eva Wyss and Laura Rudolph head out in the choppy waters and push themselves to perform their tricks in the challenging Tarifa conditions. The results from the women’s expression session will also be announced tomorrow at the prize giving.