Product test inflatable foil board by Indiana

A few weeks ago we had a “SUP Talk” about whether inflatable foil boards make sense or not. We remember that the iSUP came on the market 10 years ago because big hard boards didn’t sell well. For many people the 12’6″ and 10 foot boards were too big for their appartments. Then came the iSUPs with brand pioneers like ULI or C4-Watermen. With improved construction also brands like mistral, Naish and Starboard followed. It didn’t take long and the European market was teeming with iSUPs.

Many manufacturers are now producing inflatable wingfoil boards that are significantly smaller. But why inflatable when the original selling point of size has lost its importance?

Now I had the opportunity to test an inflatable foil board. Many thanks to my colleagues from Indiana in Zurich (Switzerland), they provided me with a 44 liter Wingfoilboard. In this video I show you what you get when you buy it and went on the water with the board for a test ride.


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  • Price (Testboard) EUR 849.-
  • Easy to travel
  • Hard to break
  • Soft rails, good for beginners and kids
  • Fits in a travel bag


  • Weigh, heavier than a carbon board
  • Stiffness feels soft when pumping
  • Needs to be deflated after using
  • Extra Item: Pump, another thing to break or get lost



  • Performance
  • Stiffness
  • Weight, lighter than inflatable
  • No pump needed


  • Price, about EUR 500.- more expensive than the
  • Anfälliger auf Schäden durch Transport

For mor info check Indiana Paddlesurf website.