World SUP Fest Barcelona Results and Updates

From the SUP Alps Trophy to another big Weekend of SUP Racing. This time in Barcelona with the World SUP Fest.

Sunday Tech. Race

We do not have much info on the Tech. Race. This was not part of the EURO TOUR there are no results posted, the event website does not have the results either. The only reliable source here was TotalSUP with the podium results but no further info. Maybe once the SWR is out for the week we will have more results. Same thing by the way for the foiling part in which we would have been very much interested.

On the ladies side we had Esperanza Barerras winning ahead of Juliette Duhaime and Seychelle Webster. (In case you wondered her last name). We are sure both ladies were very happy with their podium as both of them were a bit further behind in the Longdistance as people might have thought. Espe must have been a class on her own once again and finishes the weekend with a great pay day.

The men’s podium was completely different from the longdistance. It was Itzel Delgado winning ahead of Rai Taguchi and Sergio Cantoral. Itzel and Sergio must have been particularly happy as both of their longdistance races did not go particularly well.


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Longdistance Race


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The longdistance race in Barcelona started with big delay due to some unforeseen weather with rain. The rain caused technical difficulties with the live boardcast so the start had be pushed back. The broadcast then was rather sub par and the commentators often had to guess who is who due to lack of imagery. The drone was up way too late, then could not find the paddlers and boat camera at one time just pointed at the floor and then whole thing went out. (In all fairness we also have to mention that we turned off the live stream after about 1:15hour because it was getting late here in Hawaii.)

Once the images came back it became already clear who is once again dominating the race: Mr. Shrimy Araki. Shrimpy is easy to spot as he is the only one on a different color board and… he is leading the pack anyway. We finally had a decent drone shot about 30 minutes into the race and we are getting a picture of Shrimpy hammering away like its a Sprint Race. There is nobody behind him and he is rounding the buoy all by him self. Then only once the drone zooms out and Shrimpy is way past the buoy the pack that is chasing him is finally seen in the frame.

This (blurry) screenshot was the moment we all realize: Shrimpy is from another planet. He was well underway after the buoy when the pack finally arrived.

The results then speak volumes as Shrimpy finished the 12K race 42 seconds faster than Aaron Sanchez. Michael Booth finished in 3rd with 4 seconds behind Aaron and Rai Taguchi missed the podium 6 seconds. Behind these four paddlers we also seen many surprises. The first and biggest one is Donato Freens 12th place. After beating Boothy in Austria we were expecting him in a battle for podium. Titouan Puyo did not make top 20 finishing in 23rd, this is not the Ti2 we known for all these years.

After all it sure was nice to see all theses names once competing against each other and the results below give us (minus a few surprises) a good indicator where everybody is standing.

Landmark moment in Barcelona: Shrimpy rounding the buoy… where is everybody else? (Photo @eurotour)

Complete list of all 67 finishers

1Shuri ARAKI1:24:16.0JapanJUNIOR
3Michael BOOTH1:25:02.0AustraliaOPEN
4Rai TAGUCHI1:25:08.0JapanOPEN
5Clément COLMAS1:25:24.0FranceOPEN
6Vaic Garioud1:25:57.0FranceJUNIOR
7Blue EWER1:25:57.0UKOPEN
8Fernando PEREZ SERRA1:26:34.0SpainOPEN
9Oliver HOUGHTON1:26:41.0New ZealandOPEN
10Arthur ARUTKIN1:26:47.0FranceOPEN
11Nicolò RICCO VINCENZO1:27:00.0ItalyOPEN
12Donato FREENS1:27:23.0NetherlandsOPEN
13Christian ANDERSEN1:27:43.0DenmarkOPEN
14Ludovic TEULADE1:27:48.0FranceOPEN
15Eri TENÓRIO1:27:59.0BrazilOPEN
16Davide ALPINO1:28:03.0ItalyOPEN
17Antonio MORILLO SANCHEZ1:28:09.0SpainOPEN
18Paolo MARCONI1:28:13.0ItalyOPEN
19Itzel DELGADO NARANJO1:28:22.0PeruOPEN
20Ethan BRY1:28:38.0FranceOPEN
22Ricardo ÁVILA HERRERA1:29:34.0Puerto RicoOPEN
23Titouan PUYO1:31:00.0FranceOPEN
24Santino BASALDELLA BASALDELLA1:31:04.0ArgentinaOPEN
25Joan GARCÍA VALERO1:31:04.0SpainOPEN
26Tomás VASCONCELOS LACERDA1:31:51.0PortugalOPEN
27Daniel HASULYO1:31:54.0HungaryOPEN
28Ivan DE FRUTOS RUIZ1:32:27.0SpainOPEN
29Tommaso PAMPINELLA1:32:58.0ItalyOPEN
31Johnny HAGAN1:34:01.0AustraliaOPEN
33Sergi NADAL GONZÁLEZ1:34:38.0SpainOPEN
34Eliott BRY1:34:49.0FranceJUNIOR
35Salvador MORA MARTINEZ1:34:59.0SpainMASTER
36Pierre-Alain DE BOIS1:35:34.0FranceMASTER
37Sergio CANTORAL QUIRANT1:35:54.0SpainOPEN
38Cameron TRIPNEY1:36:05.0South AfricaOPEN
39Linus KARLSOON1:37:00.0SweedenOPEN
40João Lourenço PIMENTA VIVEIROS1:37:51.0PortugalJUNIOR
41Greg LIMELETTE1:38:05.0FranceOPEN
42Quique SÁNCHEZ MAS1:38:13.0SpainOPEN
43Louka BRARD1:39:05.0FranceJUNIOR
45Thomas DUSART1:39:19.0FranceJUNIOR
46Vincent GUILLAUME1:39:23.0FranceKAHUNA
48Matteo PERNISCO1:40:34.0ItalyJUNIOR
49Fabrizio Jesus RONDINARA RONDINA1:40:37.0ArgentinaJUNIOR
50Carlo ARIAS CAMACHO1:40:55.0SpainOPEN
51Albert FOLCH FOLCH1:41:23.0SpainMASTER
52Filippo ALBERTI1:44:32.0ItalyOPEN
54Albert SANZ SERRA1:44:52.0SpainMASTER
56Tomas LELOVITS1:46:30.0FinlandMASTER
58Cirano GOMES RIBEIROO1:50:01.0BrazilOPEN
59Riccardo POSTIGLIONE1:54:00.0ItalyJUNIOR
61Ross MCGARRY1:55:49.0UKOPEN
62Roberto VENTRIGLIA2:03:18.0SpainMASTER
63Raffaele Francesco BARILE2:03:18.0SpainOPEN
64Alejandro VILLANUEVA RUIZ2:04:24.0SpainJUNIOR
65Serse Pio SABATO2:10:45.0ItalyJUNIOR
66Antonio BELMONTE MARTÍN2:14:34.0SpainKAHUNA
67Giorgio BALDANTONI2:22:16.0ItalyGRAN KAHUNA

Women Longdistance

The women race was a race between Mariecarmen Rivera and Esperanza Barreras. We have been waiting for this match up all season, but were also hoping Duna Gordillo would be in the mix as well. Sadly she was not. Both ladies had a great start and dominated the race right away padding way out front of everybody else. They were paddling neck on neck and we saw some lead changes. Somewhere out in the bumpy ocean Esperanza was able to grow a gap of about 30 meters on Mariecarmen. At this time the finish line was about 1.5K away and Espe had that extra energy Mariecarmen could not catch up to. Eventually Espe ran up the beach with a 42 second lead. Unfortunately we did not see the “Run Up The Beach Finish” we hoped for, but Espe was just a notch stronger.

Leadchanges between Mairecarmen and Espe. At the end Espe had the longer breath. (Foto @eurotour)

The third place with Alba Frey finally arrived with 2 Minutes and 12 seconds delay. As surprise Juliette DuHaime finished the race with her worst result this year so far coming as 9th with over six minutes behind. Also further back than expected was Sey Chelle, she was over 10 minutes back. How ever we have to cut her some slack as she is not focusing on racing like she did before she became a mom.

PlaceNameTimeTeam nameCategory
2Mariecarmen RIVERA RIVERA1:38:27.0Puerto RicoOPEN
3Alba ALONSO FREY1:40:39.0SpainOPEN
4Anais GUYOMARCH1:42:24.0FranceOPEN
5Iona RIVET RIVET1:43:01.0FranceOPEN
6Sonia CAIMARI POL1:43:06.0SpainOPEN
9Juliette C DUHAIME1:44:35.0ArgentinaOPEN
10Sey CHELLE1:47:58.0USAOPEN
11Aida NEPOLA SOBERBIO1:48:20.0SpainOPEN
12Rika OKUAKI1:49:23.0JapanOPEN
14Claudia POSTIGLIONE1:49:40.0ItalyJUNIOR
15Tarryn Candace KING KING1:49:44.0South AfricaOPEN
16Sveva SABATO1:51:05.0ItalyJUNIOR
17Laura NITTI1:52:37.0ItalyOPEN
18Holly PYE PYE1:53:43.0UKOPEN
19Erica Pia REVIL1:54:53.0FranceOPEN
20Lola PELLETIER1:55:55.0ItalyOPEN
21Lisa VENTURELLI1:57:00.0ItalyJUNIOR
23Amelia MORAL MORAL2:07:28.0SpainJUNIOR
24Elisabet LLARGUÉS MASACHS2:08:54.0SpainMASTER
25Claudia LUCHETTA2:09:14.0ItalyMASTER
26Camille HOURON2:12:26.0FranceOPEN
27Edith TEULADE2:22:16.0FranceGRAN KAHUNA
29Katrine BERGMANN2:33:13.0DenmarkJUNIOR