SUP World Rankings Update after the shake up


This past weekend was probably one of the biggest SUP Weekends we got all year. First there was The Lake Rocks Festival marking the kick off of the SUP Alps Trophy. The massive price money and the ICF qualification drew many elite athletes to Villach in Austria. Over 400 SUP enthusiasts found their way to the Faaker See.

Then there was also the Sancti Petri SUP Race as part of the EURO TOUR where pretty much the other half of the world SUP elite was competing. The price money was not as big but with an over all title on line some athletes stayed loyal to the EURO TOUR despite the pay cut.

We on our end sure would love if such scheduling conflicts would not occur in the future. We could have seen Shrimpy, Boothy, Donato, Rai and many more in the same race. We would have loved to see Espe going head to head with Juliette, Duna and Mariecarmen. Instead they were in separate races.

To put it all under one umbrella, we are glad we have the SWR and Tibor Hasulyo who keeps track of it all. Nevertheless, it sure would be nice to have one world wide tour like every other normal sport has. Oh wait that was supposed to be the APP. What happened to the APP? Besides the event India, they have gone silent. (Material for another story.)

Men Longdistance

The biggest news of the weekend were Donato Freens winning over Michael Booth and Shrimpy winning his third EURO TOUR race in a row. Donato is still in a comfortable position on the top but with 7 races and 3115 points his average score is 445 points and Shrimpy has an average of 503. If Shrimpy keeps going at this rate he might be able to catch up with him eventually. For all of you who are wondering where Michael Booth is, he is in place 15, his 2nd place in Austria was not enough yet to enter top 10. He has 3 races and a points average of 354.

RankNameNationPointsRacesLast ResultChange
1Donato FreensNED3115.2371. Lake Rocks
2Filippo MercurialiITA1841.6265. Lake Rocks↑ 1
3Rai TaguchiJPN1833.2753. Sancti Petri↓ 1
4Shuri ArakiJPN1511.631. Sancti Petri↑ 5
5Bode von AllmenUSA1463.92712. Lake Rocks↓ 1
6Antonio MorilloESP1368.0347. Sancti Petri↑ 1
7Ricardo RossiITA1269.8268. Sancti Petri↑ 1
8Joep Van BakelNED1182.4557. Lake RocksNEW
9Thomas DusartFRA1159.5663. Padlle of the Kempen*↓ 4
10Ludovic TeuladeFRA1155.5625. EURO TOUR Mondello*↓ 4
*older race

Women Longdistance

Two big names in the sport have entered the top 10: Duna Gordillo and Esperanza Barreras. They spent the weekend at two different races, but here they are. Juliette DuHaime defended her top spot with her 2nd place in Austria. However Mariecarmen runs a points average of 314 in compare to 233 for Juliette and we might see Mariecarmen dethrone Juliette soon. Espe runs an average of 313 points and is catching up fast. The season is still young and it is almost certain we will see changes on the top in the coming months.

RankNameNationPointsRacesLast ResultChange
1Juliette DuHaimeARG1168.3952. Lake Rocks
2Mariecarmen RiveraPUR944.7531. Sancti Petri
3Cecilia PampinellaITA914.9655. Lake Rocks
4Susak MolineroESP760.6246. Lake Rocks↑  4
5Laura QuetglasESP655.0335. Sancti Petri↑  1
6Esperanza BarrerasESP626.521. Lake RocksNEW
7Duna GordilloESP618.432. Sancti PetriNEW
8Petronella van MalsenNED582.531. Paddle of Kempen*↓ 3
9Melanie LafenetreFRA510.722. EURO TOUR Mondello*↓ 2
10Lisa VenturelliITA500.7242. Pescara Beach Race*↓ 2
*older race

Men Tech. Race

Tech. Races are rare but with the SUP Alps Trophy providing a full weekend of all disciplines we have quite a bit of movement in the top ten. As of right now Donato and Filippo are untouchable. Not only do they have the most points they both run solid average of 400 points and 433. They be hard to catch. There was a missed chance for Rai Taguchi with his victory at the SUP Spring Race to move up very far and get price money, but he stuck with the EURO TOUR. Argentina’s Santino Basadella scored 619.5 points with his 2nd place. He might have to wait a while for his next opportunity to score more points.

RankNameNationPointsRacesLast ResultChange
1Filippo MercurialiITA1732.541. The Lake Rocks
2Donato FreensNED1201.82310. The Lake Rocks
3Filippo AlbertiITA735.238. The Lake Rocks↑ 7
4Cameron TripneyRSA699.5429. The Lake RocksNEW
5Zeno SzaboHUN661.28310. The Lake RocksNEW
6Ricardo RossiITA622.8821. Trasimeno SUP Race*↓ 3
7Santino BasadellaARG619.512. The Lake RocksNEW
8Rai TaguchiJPN616.811. Spring SUP Race*↓ 4
9Christian AndersenDEN610.9924. Spanish Champs*NEW
10Paolo MarconiITA605.2826. The Lake RocksNEW
*older Result

Women Tech. Race

Runner ups are clearly Juliette DuHaime and Claudia Postiglione, both are scoring pretty high with only 2 races. Cecilia Pampinella will almost certainly need to win the next Tech. Race to keep her top spot. Behind these two is Espe is also catching up fast.

RankNameNationPointsRacesLast ResultChange
1Cecilia PampinellaITA720.535. The Lake Rocks
2Juliette DuHaimeARG679.7521. Lake Rocks↑ 5
3Claudia PostiglioneITA518.7522. The Lake RocksNEW
4Esperanza BarrerasESP444.3524. The Lake Rocks↑ 4
5Paris KatnissUSA431.7722. Spring SUP Race*↓ 3
6Jessica MatosBRA341.222. Ultimate Paddle Brazil*↓ 3
7Lemekha ViraUKR320.1624. Trasimano SUP Race*↓ 3
8Laura QuetglasESP298.1427. Spanish Champs.*↓ 3
9Cieplinska MalgorzataPOL297.511. GlaGla*↓ 3
10Tarryn KingRSA283.213. The Lake RocksNEW

Men Sprint

Sprint Races are as rare as Tech. Races but Filippo Mercuriali managed to find all three of them this year but still got kicked out of number one, because he was not in Austria.Cameron Tripney was able to book the top spot with his silver medal in Austria. Andrey Kraitor just made podium with his first big result of the season.

Since we have so few sprint races we seem to be a bit all over the place with names in the top ten as we do not see in the other divisions.

RankNameNationPointsRacesLast ResultChange
1Cameron TripneyRSA1236.322. The Lake Rocks↑ 1
2Filippo MercurialiITA981.6231. Pescara Beach Race*↓1
3Andrey KraitorBUL70811. The Lake RocksNEW
4Damodara MokhniukAUT656.6423. The Lake RocksNEW
5Normen WeberGER539.712. Spring SUP Race*↓2
6Christian TaucherAUT477.914. The Lake RocksNEW
7Kai CarstensGER424.815. The Lake RocksNEW
8Danielle GennariITA416.6522. Pescara Beach Race↓4
9Sergio CantoralESP416.3414. Spring SUP Race*↓4
10Petrak OndejCZE389.416. The Lake RocksNEW
*older race

Women Sprint

The women podium at the SUP Alps Trophy is what made all the difference. Esperanza arriving in 2nd place with her victory. Claudia Postiglione secured the top spot with her 2nd sprint podium this year. Cecilia Pampinella looses her top spot as she was not scoring in Austria this weekend.

RankNameNationPointsRacesLast ResultChange
1Claudia PostiglioneITA518.7522. The Lake Rocks↑ 6
2Esperanza BarrerasESP442.511. The Lake RocksNEW
3Cecilia PampinellaITA385.511.Spring SUP Race*↓ 2
4Susak MolineroESP308.412. Spring SUP Race*↓ 2
5Sabine FischerSUI306.6627. The Lake Rocks↓ 1
6Tarryn KingRSA283.213. The Lake RocksNEW
7Kyriaki LogothetiGRE246.7213. Spring SUP Race*↓ 4
8Holly PyeGBR230.114. The Lake RocksNEW
9Jessica MatosBRA200.2511. Ultimate Paddle Brasil*↓ 4
10Maria MettaITA123.3625. Pescara Beach Race*↓ 4