VAYU introduces new Downwind SUP Foil Boards

Vayu presents their new 2024 board range, with the Edge Wing DW — as their new flagship. 

Vayu is excited to announce the launch of its new board lineup for 2024, spearheaded by the revolutionary Vayu Edge Wing DW. This latest addition is designed to transform lightwind winging, offering unparalleled performance and innovation. Alongside the Edge Wing DW, Vayu has also rolled out significant updates to its popular Fly and Fly R models, to match the performance of the much-celebrated Vayu wings.

Introducing the Edge Wing DW

The Edge Wing DW board is a game-changer for enthusiasts and professionals in water sports. It features a dedicated lightwind winging design that makes getting up on the foil easier than ever before. Its long narrow shape reduces drag and facilitates easier re-foil after touchdown, while the optimized shape and rocker design ensure an unparalleled take-off experience.

The board is constructed with an EPS core and reinforced with a full carbon and PVC sandwich layer, providing rigidity and durability that sets a new standard in the industry. Additionally, it includes a super high-density foam block for mast tracks, ensuring durability and stability for the mast attachment area.

Available Sizes

  • Edge Wing DW 65L: 5.7” x 19” x 4.9”
  • Edge Wing DW 75L: 6.0” x 19” x 5.2”
  • Edge Wing DW 85L: 6.5” x 20” x 5.2”
  • Edge Wing DW 100L: 7.0” x 20” x 5.6”

You can find the new range in stores worldwide. For more information about the Vayu Edge family and other Vayu products, please visit