APP Tour 2024

The SUP Race Season 2024 is pretty much spoken for except the APP Tour. We been waiting for some sort of a press release but have not heard anything yet. After a random web site check we have discovered that the APP released a 2024 SUP Race and Surf Tour Calendar.

It appears to be a bit on shaky ground still as most events are either “Coming Soon” or “TBC”. We at the Stand Up Magazin are particularly excited because the APP Race Season is supposed to start in Hawaii. (Home of the Stand Up Magazin).

Lets have a closer look:

17th – 22nd May 2024

Squarema PRO Brazil

  • SUP Surf and Longboard Contest
  • Status: TBC

At this time there is no further information available. As TBC implies the event has yet to be confirmed. Given a time window of roughly 6 weeks out which is not all that much, we remain skeptical on how solid ground this date is.

24th – 28th July 2024

SUP Open Hawaii

  • SUP Ocean Race
  • Status: Coming Soon

This event is not in TBC status which might mean that the event is confirmed, there is just no info yet. However, if the event is confirmed, we should at least know the exact location. We at the Stand Up Magazin would very much welcome an APP event in Hawaii, as this is the birth place of the sport and we did not have a decent SUP Race here since Covid and the re-birth of foiling. We keep our fingers crossed. The dates also fall right in between the M2M and M2O.

6th – 8th September 2024

La Linea SUP Open

  • SUP Ocean Race
  • Status: Coming Soon

This location is in Gibraltar and as of now we are not aware of any SUP event in this region. In the past years the APP has mostly partnered up with a local event in Spain for their own. With no further information, we might speculate, that at this time there is the intention of holding a SUP Race in this location but far from certain. We also have to keep in mind that the weekend after the ISA is starting their SUP World Championships in Copenhagen. Which might put some athletes in a bit of a travel crunch.

4th – 6th October 2024

Busan Open

  • SUP Ocean Race
  • Status: Confirmed

This event is certain to happen as the local organizers have been reliable sources of information and media communication. Last years event was extremely exciting and the festival style event in Busan draws a big local crowd.

1th – 3th Novmeber 2024

Middle East Finals

  • Ocean Race World Tour Finals
  • Stauts: TBD

At this time there is no venue confirmed. This once again implies that the APP might be in negotiations with a possible venue and has the intention to run this event at that time. We would not recommend making any travel plans quite yet.

1st – 7th December 2024

Gran Canaria Pro

  • SUP Surf and Longboard
  • Status: Confirmed

Bjorn Dunkerbeck is the organizer of this event. This has been a solid event over the years and Bjorn is known to be run a great organizer and spokes person for SUP Surfing, particularly in the Canaries.

18th – 28th January 2025

Sunset Beach Pro

  • World Tour Surf and Watermen Event
  • Status: Coming Soon

This event, if its going to happen, is a legacy event for the APP. Sun Set Beach is where it pretty much all started back in 2008. We know the APP has been trying to return to Sunset Beach for many times but there have been permitting issues and not all locals were pretty happy on SUP Surfing at this iconic wave.

This information is as of March 30th 2024. If anything changed you can find it on the APP Website.

Covering the APP since 2010

The Stand Up Magazin has been covering the APP Tour for 14 years since the beginning at Turtle Bay on Oahu. We have seen all the ups and downs and scandals that plagued the APP. This is why, at this time we are a bit sceptic whether these tour dates will hold. Regardless of that, the APP has been a pioneer in the sport and continues to deliver exceptional media out put, we hope all the dates and locations come through. In this video from 4 years ago we interview Tristan Boxfort at our 10th anniversary of of the APP at Turtle Bay where it all began.


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