Pump Foiling in the Ukraine

When we think of the Ukraine, we for sure foiling does not come to mind. But… there is hope for the people oft the Ukraine to have a bit of fun, despite the terrible and despicable action of Mr. Putin. As it looks like in Kyiv there is a small community of foilers along the Dnieper River.

This particular video put a smile on our face when a food delivery guy pumps up the side of the river and delivers this one guy some bottles. We are aware that this video is staged, but that is not the point. We are very happy to see that people are being able to have some fun and even participate in pump foiling.


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This is what is says underneath the video:

Перша в Україні доставка їжи від команди ScootFoil X-Team Kyiv у Києві по річці Дніпро!

The first food delivery in Ukraine by the ScootFoil X-Team Kyiv in Kyiv along the Dnipro River!