Stand Up Magazin Welcomes Anna Tschirky

Times are busy at the Stand Up Magazin and we are looking forward to a very busy 2024 SUP Race Season. In order to tackle the amount of content flowing into our HQ, we put out a call for help, looking for someone enthusiastic for the SUP Sport. This call was answered by no other than Anna Tschirky.

We discovered Anna as a SUP Junior back in 2018 at the Pacific Paddle Games in California and we followed her career ever since. She has worked her way up in the SUP rankings and is looking back to a very successful 2023 SUP Race Season. Anna is very well connected in the SUP World, speaks multiple languages and has built a solid reputation over the years. She ranked #2 in Longdistance in the SUP World Rankings in 2023 and #5 in Tech. Race.

This is why we are extremely proud and happy to have some like her jumping into action at the Stand Up Magazin supporting us with creative writing, content creation and as an additional contact for the SUP Industry.

Anna is stoked on the new endavour:

„I‘m happy to announce that I’ll be contributing to create some SUP related content for the Stand Up Magazine in the future working together with Mike Jucker.
He was the one who published my very first interview in his magazine about my participation in the Pacific Paddle Games back in 2018. And now, six years later I’m gonna interview and write about the next generation!

I’m looking forward to this new challenge and many great exchanges with familiar faces as well as new people who share the sto(r)ke of paddling!“

We are looking forward to a successful 2024 SUP – Wing and Foil year with Anna Tschirky on our side.