Cecilia Pampinella Starboard Teamrider

The first big news of the year is the new addition to the Starboard Dream Team: Cecilia Pampinella is no longer with mistral but now with Starboard.

We all know that Starboard is heavily invested in the SUP Race Sport and has the worlds best under contract. It is no surprise that Starboard got Cecilia away from mistral.

In fact getting with Starboard must have been her goal all along, as she just posted this quote on Instagram:

So happy to start the 2024 season with @starboardsup dream team!

I started practicing SUP in 2018 and I have always had the desire and goal to be part of this fantastic team, I finally succeeded! I hope to make this team proud of me and achieve my goals.

Cecilia has been taking the SUP Race World by storm with her great results in the last few years. She accomplished a lot in her young age and was the one athlete that gave mistral a name in the sport. With her departure at mistral the brand is loosing their biggest image carrier. Last summer we did publish the story of Cecilia and mistral. If mistral wanted to stay relevant in the SUP Race sport their executives would have been well advised to match what ever Starboard offered or even doubled it.

Now Cecilia joins the ranks of the worlds best, like Fiona Wylde, Esperanza Barrera, Connor Baxter and so many more. We are already looking forward to follow Cecilia in the race season 2024 as we are sure this big move has motivated her even more to be on top of the sport.